Running Man Ep 272 [Eng Sub]: Gfrend Performs "Me Gustas Tu"

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  • Subbed by: DramaFever
  • Aired date: November 8 2015
  • Network/Channel: DramaFever
  • Length: 3:35
  • Category: running man
  • Genre: k-variety
  • URL:

Running Man Ep 271 Eng Sub]: The 100 vs. 100 Race, Part 2
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The 100 vs. 100 Race: Jung Doo Hong, UEE (After School), Taemi And The K-Tigers, No Ji Sim, Lee Won Hee, Young Jun (Brown Eyed Soul), and many, many more!

Korea's hit variety show comes to DramaFever! Prepare for zany quests, hilarious antics, and insane betrayals. See your favorite stars battle it out and and show their true colors as they fight their way to the finish line. Every week, Running Man tests the strength, endurance, and cunning of Korea's top entertainers through various missions and races.

The Rules: 
1 -- Protect your name tag at all times. 
2 -- Trust no one.


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