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[FANACC] 160904 'GFRIEND L.O.L Manila Showcase' 2nd Half

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160904 #GFRIENDinManila D-Day (Second Half)

During Rough I didn't get to perfect the fanchant I were like: Kim Yewon! Jung Eunbi! Jung Yerin!....... YEO.JA.CHIN.GU!! :support: I was so hyper that time that I forgot the fanchant I was so disappointed after that because Rough was one of my favorite song but then when they performed Me gustas tu I can proudly say that I perfect the fanchant and sang the whole song and I even hit Yuju's high note lol :yuju-really:then I'am the only one who did the YEO.JA.CHIN.GU SA.RANG.HAE.YO fanchant during Gone with the wind (lol) in our side I was a bit embarrassed because of that co's I thought everyone will do that fanchant and after that they perform many of their side tracks and ask us to sing it with them and we did. :) Then after all of the performances (aside from encore i think? not 100% sure if it was before the encore or after co's gfriend are saying goodbye to us even if we know that they still have encore.) GFRIEND made us promised that we should come again when they come back and we did lol they we're so cute when they did that because they were raising hand for a pinky promise and I did the same lol. Then after performing some of their side tracks and title tracks GFRIEND said goodbye to us and we shouted ENCORE! ENCORE! ENCORE! then they came back to stage with a basket with candies and chocolate. And they started singing their encore song Sunshine, and we did our fan project we raised our banners from GFRIENDPH that has a 여자친구 영원히 함께하자 (Let’s be together Forever, GFRIEND) then while singing they were giving and throwing candies to fans. Some fans went in front during that time but because I was sitting in the middle of our row I can't get out of it so I stayed in my sit but when they started standing I also stand but I stand rooted in front of my seat. And also some buddies gave their banner to GFRIEND members. GFRIEND looks so happy tho kekeke. During the time they were giving and throwing chocolates I am trying my best to catch some chocolate (I even told myself that I would cry if I didn't get any lol.) I nearly gave up on having chocolates from them because the chocolates they throw doesn't reach our row(I am from Row F and the only row that reaches their chocolates are from Row A-E T^T). And there is one time that I nearly caught the twix Yuju throw at our side but it was too low and bounce on the seat in front of me but the fans who were seating in Row E didn't saw it fall on the carpet. ( I plan on getting it but i was trap on my seat because I am seating in the middle of our row (as what I have mention above) so i plan on picking it when i have time after the show but some fans noticed it and pick it.) My expression was from this :sinb-badass: to this :yerincry: after that.

I already lost every hope I have on having those chocolates from them because Yuju's basket was already empty and she was the only member that keeps on throwing chocolate on our side.(You can also see it yourself that Yuju was so loyal on our side that she never change location on throwing her chocolates on their vlive 'Live in Manila' video) But then there's Him Yerin(Strong Yerin) came running to our side to throw her last candies she have on her basket luckily I was able to catch it directly from her. 


Chocolate from Him Yerin:



I'll post my Hi Touch with the members and reviews regarding the L.O.L showcase in Manila here. :D



"When you brightly smile I laugh and smile with you."

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That's awesome! Never feel weird about being the only one knowing the fanchant, flaunt it buddy! :D



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