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[Translation | FanCafe] August '16 FanCafe Letters

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Hello Buddy!! Hehehehehehehehehehe
Pocket girl Sowon here !
Mmm, so first it's already been what, 4? days since promotions have ended~
While preparing for the NAVILLERA album, I was thinking, 'Would we be able to come back? It's still long ways away'
But time flew by really quickly at the blink of an eye
And in fact, the first week of promotions is very taxing stamina-wise, but we always get energy from the fans, and we're always so surprised as well
If the pre-recording is like 6am.. We're tired as well, and we're like, 'will we be able to wake up tomorrow?'.. and we go like 'We want to sleep more..'
But our fans don't show their tiredness at all and shout Kim So-Jung, Jung Ye-Rin! With full of energy, starting right from the early mornings
And by looking at our fans cheering for us like that, I feel like, 'Wow, I'm a happy person', all the time
I haven't actually been able to leave many posts at the official fan cafe, but I've been reading lots of posts!
So I know very well about the support from the Buddies that cheer us on from their homes
And as you have hoped for, we'll for sure be able to meet in the future!
You say, "We're proud to be Buddies," but I'm proud for Buddies being Buddies, you raise us up, and we feel like we have so much support* !! WOOOHOOO!!!
We're thankful for the fans for being always on our side and even when time passes, we'll become Sowonnie, Leader, and GFRIEND who don't disappoint you
50k Buddies, as well as our members, thank you so much for trusting and following So Leader!!!!
Love you so much! ❤️

TN: *the original text here is 천군만마 (千軍萬馬) which literally means a thousand soldiers and ten thousand horses, so basically a ton of support.






Hello~ Our Buddies~~!!!!
Just finished The Show!!! Just ended VApp!! And I'm back, Buddies' GFRIEND Yennie ><
WOO~~~~ Buddies are you eating well these days? It's so hot nowadays, so I hope you don't let the heat exhaust you and stay around cool places.
Oh, and watch out for food poisoning too!! And the summer flu!! I don't want Buddies to get sick...
My heart breaks every time I see sick Buddies T_T T_T This must be how Buddies feel when we get sick and hurt, right??
We'll work hard to not get sick!!!~~~
I was soooo happy being with buddies throughout this promotions and I'm sorry if I made any mistakes T_T
I'll work to fix them one by one...!! Thank you and love youuuuu for always being on my side no matter what
Buddies...Heheh Haaaahahahaahahahhahh and I'm so thrilled to see a surprising 50k count... T_T
I honestly thought it would just be a tale to be told in the distant future.
Seeing the number 50k in front of my eyes here.. This is so astounding, I can't close my mouth.. Thank youuu
In the future, I'll become that Yerinnie who works harder, improves further, and loves her Buddies even more!!! ><
Thank you Buddies, love you, let's be together for a long time!!!!!!





Hello Our Buddy, it's Yuju
Before we even realized, promotion period flew by and yet again, it's now time to write closing comments :)
While preparing for this 'NAVILLERA', I practiced with our members, heating up the basement practice room, and I made some resolutions of my own,
Stood right up after having sat down, and then on one night I wrote a letter to our Buddies to mentally prepare myself. This is how the days went by.
It must have been so hot, you must have been so thirsty, and you must have been so exhausted, but I was so thankful seeing you always pour out all that's left of your energy for us GFRIEND.
We perform every stage with the same song, but did you know, thanks to Buddies, that my heart fluttered for every stage, and that every stage always felt new? ^ㅁ^
Only I'd know this, but on one day I winked 4~5 times, shook my head here and there (of course, within the boundaries of not messing up the choreo.), and on some days the song sounded so emotional and tearful, and on other days it sounded so happy and cheerful. Like, every day felt so new and fascinating :)
Because I hurt my finger before promotions even ended, I was so sorry for showing you a less prettier side, and I was so thankful for constantly being so concerned and caring for me.
My thumb right now is gathering courage to carefully peel off the bandage, and is moving slightly, ever so slightly, getting back to its proper role.
To give the highest of the thumbs ups! for our Buddies as soon as possible, I'll carefully work on it ^
If you're still worrying, 'Fold it delicately, Navillera'~~ (heheh) Keekeekeekeekee
Everyone, always be careful of your fingers and toes, and let's not forget the flutters we had before the release of the title song, and the accomplished yet that 'it's already over?' feelings we have after the closing. Let's treasure them. Promise !
I hope this promotions will also be forever remembered by our members and all of our Buddies as something to cherish. LoveLoveLoveYou <3






Our Buddies!! Or are they all sleeping T_T
It's a little late, but I had words I wanted to share, so please excuse me for visiting heee
So us yesterday(since it's past 12)! Finished NAVILLERA's music show promotions with Inkigayo~
First!! Our Buddies, really really well done with your hard work clapclapclap
As much as we prepare for each stage, we are also well aware of the efforts and the hard work our fans put together for us with cheers, votings, and etc., and so I think we were able to gain energy off of that and promote with more energy!
Actually I have something I wanted to say...heh when we received the honourable 1st place from Music Bank the other day, I had something I kept thinking in my mind, but I couldn't say it because of the limited broadcasting time T_T
'Thank you Buddies for supporting us till the end' is what I really wanted to say!!
Although the last show is Sunday
Our last music show to receive trophies was Music Bank,
And it was so touching and moving to see our Buddies giving us such a big award even till the end *crying*
For all the energy and love you have given us, if us GFRIEND were able to provide at least some refreshing cool moments in the midst of the sticky, tiring, and hot Summer, then our promotions was definitely full of joy and was well worth it ^O^
I don't think me thinking 'Wow, are we really doing a comeback?' was too long ago
But I can't believe it's already the last show T_T
Now you won't be able to see us on weekly music shows(*crying* nuuuuuuununuuunu *crying* T_T)
But we'll keep on communicating with the fans
So don't be so sad!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahaha
And we'll make sure to take care of our health, which is what you all worry about
So our fans need to all take good care of your health, and always watch out for health concerns!
I think we've said 'Please don't let us down/Take care of us' countless amounts fo times during this promotion! Kekeke
For GFRIEND, our fans provide so much energy, so please don't let us down, and take care of us in the future as well



Edited by Albatro

"이거 하나만 약속해, 변치 않기를 바랄게. 그때도 지금처럼 날 향해 웃어줘"

"Promise me this one thing, I hope you don't change. Smile at me then like you do now"

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Love Sowon so much. <3


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This post makes me wanna to support them more and more~!!!! Thanks for watching us while you guys were busy,dear Sowon noona~!!! We as the Buddies really loves and support you guys as you guys keep walking on the flower paths!:umjilove:


Buddies The Best

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