Anyone here? How long has it been?

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I haven't visited this site in forever! I was wondering if it was still alive and thriving. I remember I made my account about four years ago. I never told my parents, but I was so excited to be apart of something so positive and big. I remember waiting in anticipation for the Fingertip comeback. Literally counting down the days and telling EVERYONE about it. The Love Whisper and Summer Rain comebacks also really touched me. Gosh that feels like a long time ago. It IS a long time ago.

I don't actively stan Gfriend anymore, but I like to watch an MV every now and then to think about how happy they made me and how into them I was. Even though I wasn't really on this site a lot, I am SO thankful that it exists (or existed). I am happy to see that Gfriend is still going strong:BeastToss-33:


Gfriend is like a girlfriend, but not IRL.

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