[Spotlight] Happy Yuju Day Birthday Support Highlight! Wreath art design by Kirizumi8290 from Taiwan

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GFSquad.com's Happy Yuju Day Highlight!

In preparation for Yuju's birthday project, GFSquad held another special event for every Buddy fan artists. Our main goal is to feature Buddy's artistic skills wherein every fan artist will be on spotlight!

It is important for us to share every Buddy's precious talent for them to get a recognition from everyone especially to GFriend. Now, GFSquad will be looking for Buddy fan artist who has potential and can able to make an artistic banner for GFriend!



GFSquad members or Buddies who have participated and for those who sent their fan arts in the previous birthday projects or within this year will be an entry and will have a chance to get on spotlight too! We will also look for Buddies who are actively supporting GFriend as well. Buddies are always welcome to join this project!


This time, get to know one of the best fan artist in Buddy community! Under Yuju's Birthday Project highlight is one of great fan artist, @kirizumi8290 also known as kz from Taiwan the one who designed the charity wreath banner for Yuju!


Wreath artwork by Kirizumi




Q. GFSquad community are very glad to know you. We are thankful you accepted our offer to feature your masterpiece that is dedicated for GFriend Yuju. You really impressed us as well with Buddies. How do you feel about it?

дmy face

To be honest, when Yuju sent a certification photo, I was already excited to lose my language skills. I feel very honored to do my best for this support.




Q. You’re a very professional artist! What do you do in personal or other interests besides GFriend? Tell us more about yourself!

There is still a lot of room for improvement haha. I usually draw various types of pictures and occasionally play games. Well, now I'm learning something different everywhere.


Q. By doing artworks of GFriend and as an artist, first of all how did you became fan of GFriend? When it was all started?

In 2016, GFRIEND got a lot of cooperation opportunities. In one of the game collaborations, I knew two songs, Rough and Navillera, and I got to know the group a little. But I really liked them when they were released at FINGERTIP, I was hit by their style change and handsome choreography, and then became Buddy.



Q. As a Buddy, are there other things like hobbies or interests that you passionately do (or wanted to do in the future) in supporting Gfriend?

Just keep drawing. This seems to be the most direct method for me. :v


Q. Doing fanarts are worked in a lot of time. Where do you get inspirations in doing GFriend fan arts? What are the things that keeps you motivated to do it?

At first, of course, when I saw cute clips, some great photos and costumes, and decided to draw them. However, after a long time, I began to feel that this approach has limits. Recently I want to try to instill more imagination under the same concept. Finding different ways from GFRIEND like this is the reason why I can continue to create.

As for when will there be inspiration? Perhaps...when going to the toilet....


Q. Is there a Buddy fan artist or other graphic Illustrators outside the fandom that you impressed with? Can you name some of them!

Wow... Too many talented Buddy, everyone's styles are different, and there are too many names in my head hahaha

The first name that flashed my head is @chilisosweet I really like the drawing style. Well, it's cute, very CUTE.


Q. If you will choose an era (From all the comeback album concept) that you like the most from GFriend, certainly what era and songs from that album that is your favorite?

Each era has its own unique style, and I really like it. However, Time for the moon night era attracted me a lot. From clothing, music and dance made me fall into it. Therefore, the work based on TFTMN seems to be especially hahaha(`*)




Q. Is there any memorable moment you experienced or unforgettable happenings from GFriend that make you happy as a Buddy?

Compared to specific things or memories, I think it is probably when I found out that GFRIEND has silently embellished my life.

To better demonstrate the charm of GFRIEND, I have worked hard to improve my drawing skills. I also met many friends because of Buddy. When we talked about GFRIEND, I was always happy.In addition, I'm not very good at expressing myself, and Buddy gives me the opportunity to show. Perhaps more grateful than being happy.



Q. Lastly, do you have message to aspiring Buddies, to all beginners or wanted to pursue being a Buddy fanartist in the future

It's right to do what you want!٩(

I think that Fanart isn't simply looking at painting skills, but more about how much you love them.


Q. Shout out to Yuju and Buddies!

I love you CHOI


I love you BUDDY!!

I love EVERYONE!!!!!!


We are happy to know you Kirizumi Buddy! Indeed, your talent is really amazing and proud as Buddy! Thank you for having here in GFSquad community and in this fandom. Buddy Jjang! 

To all aspiring Buddy fan artist! You can join and share your arts to us! Feel free to posts and make a lot of fan arts about GFriend! Keep supporting GFriend and anticipate more of our upcoming birthday projects!😄


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