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Noh Joohwan Producer "GFRIEND Comeback Album, Growing (Interview with Noh Joohwan)

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When did you sign a contract with Source Music?
I started working at Source Music from January, 2018. But since that moment, I haven’t worked on any other singers’ work. The Source Music CEO has been giving me a lot of support allowing me to focus on making music, he also gave me lots of good praise.

We wonder what was it like when you first worked with GFRIEND in 2016.
I’ve worked with Iggy hyung on various GFRIEND albums, I was told to write their songs naturally. My first GFRIEnd song is “Trust”, a song from their third mini album “Snowflake” in January 2016. I produced this song. This is probably their first ballad song. I had some worries since GFRIEND hadn’t sung ballads before. So we watched videos on how the members of SNSD and other senior girl groups on how they sung ballads. Fortunately, the members of GFRIEND did a great job.

What was your first impression of the GFRIEND members?
They had a feeling of fresh high school girls. I felt that the members were close to each other, so I thought that as a team, they’re a good match. We recorded, greeted and directed each other together. When I recorded “Trust”, I remember Eunha crying because she said she wasn’t doing well. So I said “Why are you crying, you’re doing well.” Watching that expressions, I felt that the members were very emotional.

Can you tell us more about GFRIEND’s image.
We both had a lot of mutual thoughts and helped a lot when we communicated directly with each other. I also talked with them a lot about this comeback and that helped. As a composer, I don’t get close with the GFRIEND members. Haha.

I know you participated in working on ‘Sunrise’ and ‘Time for the moon night’.
‘Time for the moon night’ was my first GFRIEND title track since joining Source Music. As I prepared an album with this song, I felt a lot of pressure to work on the song. Especially since I was more responsible as I was working for the company, not as an outsider.
The concept of ‘Time for the moon night’ was when a woman in her 10s and 20s liked someone, she draws the image of when she thinks about someone in her room by herself just before bed at night. I thought of something simple that anyone could have thought of the concept being a one sided love. You could say that ‘Sunrise’ puts in the deep expression of emotions expressed by the main character in ‘Time for the moon night’.

How do you usually get inspiration when you work?
I tend to get a lot of opinions from people via SNS or blogs. Because if you look at them, you can see the everyday lives of ordinary people. It’s an indirect experience so it helps a lot.

Please introduce GFRIEND’s comeback album ‘Fever Season’.
First of all, I thought a lot about GFRIEND’s comeback album. We had a lot of meetings for this album. The common goal was to show how much GFRIEND’s image has grown. So I talked a lot about their image and everything. I was thinking where GFRIEND (as a singer) could grow was. I think ‘Fever Season’ is an album to show that GFRIEND has grown well.
I also watched the performance of the title song ‘Fever’. On the stage I felt the passion of the heated concept and the made the members really cool. I could feel that they have grown.
I also worked on “Smile” in this album. It’s a pop based dance song that’s also linked to the entire album.

What kind of reaction do you expect from the public about ‘Fever Season’?
I hope the public can feel GFRIEND has grown well. I think they’re going to get that kind of response. And I hope this growth will be a turning point for GFRIEND members to show more. I’m sure this album will show a different side from their previous image. With this album, I hope the public will be more excited about GFRIEND’s future albums.

What’s the next move after working on this album?
When we finished this one, we’ll be working on the next album. I’m thinking about what kind of concept and what kind of song I’m going to make for the next album. It’s very difficult for me at this point. You have to make something out of nothing. It’s a lot of pressure, but without it, you’ll be lazy by yourself so you need to focus with more enthusiasm.


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찬란하게 빛나던 시간이었다고 맑은 여름비처럼 고마웠었다고 - "It was a bright, shining moment.  Thanks for being a clear summer rain"


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