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Hey, buddies, I'm back with my theory of Gfriend's latest comeback "Fever"! Let's get right into it!

So first of all, I didn't expect the storyline actually continues In "Fever"(Or maybe not but I think it is). In "FEVER", The key character is definitely Yerin.

I Personally Think The Key Word For This MV Would Be "Hope".

Element 1: Outfit Color

I Personally think the colors are a perfect indicator of emotions. Throughout the whole MV, we could see the members' keeps changing Or is it?

Element 2: The Cactus

The cactus has been made several appearances in the MV, what do they actually resemble?

Element 3: Change Of Time

Does the change of the time actually mean something?

I Think "FEVER" could be a conclusion of the whole storyline. In that case, I'll separate the theories into three parts based on time. 

Part 1: Daytime: (Eunha Just Went Missing)

(0:02) Notice the table Yerin sits on is actually the only table with 3 seats and all other tables have 4? The missing chair was later found sitting by Yuju at (0:44). There is no one with her and her impression is more like recalling something rather than meeting someone. Which I think she is recalling Eunha which "showed up" at (0:15). Notice Yerin is in Black and White like funeral clothes and her impression is definitely not positive but doesn't seem sad as well, that would a key part in this theory. I think during this part, it's all Yerin's imagination, such as at (0:23), she imagines Eunha is at a table with 4 chairs, which she is thinking Eunha must be lonely and wants to meet the other members(which she exclude herself).

Let's have a summary of members outfit color during this period(excluding dancing outfits)

SinB: Orange(0:32) Green(0:41)

Umji: Blue(0:33) Green(0:39) Red(0:59)

Yuju: Red(0:43) Blue(1:07) Purple(1:29)

Sowon: Red(0:53) Blue(1:30)

Eunha: Green(1:07), Black(1:22)

Yerin: Green(1:10), Red(1:15)

I personally think these shows the changing of emotions of members(except Eunha).

Red/Orange normally means Angry and Anxiety.


Green normally means Hope And Vigour.

Black normally means Dark And Death.

We could see that SinB, Umji, and Yerin all have been wearing Green in the mix of other colors. I think this shows they are the ones who have the faith that Eunha is still alive, which Eunha is their mind is wearing Green as well.

For Yuju and Sowon, they haven't been wearing green, this shows that they didn't have the hope that Eunha is still alive. In their mind, Eunha is wearing Black.

For this period of time, we could many different changes in terms of the emotions of members after Eunha went missing. Such as Yerin bounce back and forth between Red(Negative) and Green(Positive), Yuju's emotions become worse and worse, Red---Blue---Purple, etc. We could also see that Eunha has been wearing Green and Black back and forth which resembles the members hoping she would be still alive but doubt themselves.

The most outstanding person is definitely Yerin, her outfit has kept switching colors until(2:00). This could show that the struggling of Yerin being processed in her mind. At this stage, Eunha just went missing and most members still have hope that Eunha would come back.

Part 2: Midday (Eunha went missing for a while)

During this period, the emotions of the members have been stable. Eunha probably has been missing for a while. We could see SinB is wearing Green(2:04) maybe she gets persuaded by Yerin and regains the hope to find Eunha? While Umji and Sowon are wearing Blue(2:06)(2:10). They are probably in deep sadness but Yerin at(2:10) is still in Green. However, at (2:23), Yerin's Green outfit looks dimmer, almost turn into yellow, this shows even Yerin herself is losing hope of Eunha is still alive. Eunha has been wearing Black during this period, shows most members consider she is deceased.

Part 3: Summer Night (Eunha Missing For A Long Time) (Plant Hope And Refuel)

Although most of the members in this period is still wearing outfits with negative emotion colors, Sowon in Blue(3:02), Umji in Red(3:03), SinB In White(Losing Emotion???)(3:07). But Yerin's outfit has been Green ALL THE TIME. And more importantly, Eunha is wearing Green ALL THE TIME. Maybe everyone is still in the pain and sadness of the left of Eunha, but at this time, the all have the HOPE that Eunha will come back one day.

The Cactus resembles strong, tough and is famous for its survivability in the desert. The cactus here could be a resemble of Eunha, as the members hoping Eunha would be like cactus, stay alive until the day the meet again. Yerin put the cactus on a fueling machine, fueling machine resembles regain vitality, which on one side shows the members hope they could give power to Eunha on the other hand, it could be a sign of moving on. When we lose someone important in our lives, it would hurt, a lot, but life goes on and we have to learn to move on and shake off the sadness, anxiety and all other negative emotions.

In the end, we could see all members standing in an oasis which a slanted structure. Oasis means HOPE once again, the slanted structure shows the collapsing confidence, but with the support of the HOPE(Oasis), the structure doesn't completely collapse, with Eunha wearing Green in the structure with all the other members, the scene concludes the whole storyline of not losing HOPE and always BELIEVE for a miracle.

That about it for now! I was hoping for an ALIVE Eunha in this era but that doesn't seem to be the case...

The Song IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING and I'm really looking forward to hearing "Mr. Blue" a.k.a "Me(BlueRicky)" Haha, "Paradise" And All other songs in the album.

That's it For Now! Let's Get This FEVER SEASON Started!

PS: This was typed in a hurry as it's really late now... if I write something wrong, please DM me and I'll change it ASAP!


A Dreamer Buddy,



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