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[CLOSED] GFSquad Mwave Group Order (Fever Season)

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Heya Buddies!~

GFSquad is back with another worldwide group order for "Fever Season" Mwave Signed Albums! Check them out here.

Please note that the Signed Albums will be only be signed by ONE RANDOM member of GFRIEND, same as "Time For Us" previously.


Please read through all of this document prior to purchasing through us.

1. Why should we order from GFSquad instead ordering directly through Mwave?

Joining this group order gives you a much better chance of getting the signature and photocards (and potentially other items included in the album e.g. popout cards from Time For Us) of your favourite member!

There are two pricing options:

1. Opting FOR photocard & signature pooling (see section 4 for definition of photocard & signature pooling)

  • Prices: (not including domestic shipping from G.O manager to you)
    • $32 USD per album OR $94 USD per set [all 3 versions] (PH, SG, MYS, INA) 
    • $34 USD per album OR $96 USD per set [all 3 versions] (EUR, AUS, CAN/US)
    • $36 USD per album OR $103 USD per set [all 3 version] (ARG)
  • Prices are split in three zones due to the removal of free shipping option. Prices of shipping differs between countries.
  • Local prices IN PAYPAL RATE are as follows:

PH: 1785 PHP

SG: 46 SGD



MYS: RM 152 (Local shipping for Malaysia as stated: Peninsula Malaysia = RM 10, Sabah & Sarawak = RM 15)

INA: 460,000 IDR


ARG: 1357 ARS

MXN: 666 MXN

(These prices are only to indicate the equivalent cost in local currency. Please pay in USD)

2. Opting OUT of photocard & signature pooling


Price: the same as what you would pay if you ordered individually. (Ex. 27.99usd + 7.98usd=35.97usd for one album shipped DIRECTLY to you)

However, by ordering under us you will automatically have more chances to win Mwave exclusive photocards.

*Note: There may be unforeseen customs or tax fees depending on the country and their regulations which may affect the price. These price changes will be notified when the packages are received.*

2. How do I order?

Step A:

Philippine Buddies fill this form:

Indonesian Buddies fill this form:

ALL other Buddies fill out the order form at the following link:

Step B:


Send your payment on PayPal to


Send your payment on PayPal to or through Indonesian local banks!


Please fill out the following form:


Send your payment on Bank Transfer/I-Banking/Cash Deposit:
OCBC Frank 689-680676-001


Contact your G.O manager in case you cannot pay directly through PayPal because they will on behalf of you.

Please remember to account for Paypal fees!

If paying with goods and services:

  • *PH, SG, MYS, INA if paying with goods and services, please pay $34/$98 USD
  • *EUR, AUS, CAN/US if paying with goods and services, please pay $36/$100 USD
  • *ARG if paying with goods and services, please pay $38/$107 USD

Notify your G.O manager in case you have already sent payment

3. Who are the group order managers per country available and how do I contact them?

Philippines - @ginseng0819  or on her Twitter @/ginseng0819 and Facebook: Kim Ginseng II

Singapore @amelian or on her Twitter @/kjunkie09

Malaysia - @adib and @Neshy or on Nesh's Twitter @/Yujuneshy971004

Indonesia @Monica or on her IG and Twitter (@/twinkeul)

Australia - @Eunbii or on his Twitter (@/_eunbii) / @Galaxy1004 or on his Twitter (@/galaxy1004_)

Canada - @AznSeoul

USA - @staycool-yuna or on Line @/staycool-yuna

Europe - @Adoresuji or on Twitter @/adoresuji

Argentina - @Litenim or @/yeochintxts on Twitter


We are looking for G.O managers for other countries as well so please do not be afraid to sign up! Just do make sure we can trust you well. Contact @Eunbii SNS as seen on his profile in GFS site or email him at

Please coordinate with your local G.O managers for local shipping, money conversion and rates.

4. But wait....what is photocard & signature pooling?

It is where someone opens the massive amount of albums in an order to see the photocards inside as well as signatures on the albums, with the hope of being able to give everyone their preferred choice for photocards and signatures. But of course these albums are already unsealed as the girls have to sign them.

Do take note that photocard & signature picking priority will go to those who pay early. Those who pay last may or may not have their most preferred choice of photocard & signature.

5. Can I join the group order even without having to join the card pooling?

Yes, you can! GFSquad would appreciate all the orders that we can get, so that we become eligible as one of the Top 5 supporters for this Mwave Meet and Greet. Please just indicate in the remarks and leave the option of photocards & signature blank if you would not like to join.

It would be best if you have your orders shipped directly to you from Mwave as this option is still available to everyone who does not wish to join the pooling. Please still order with us if you wish to support us in our endeavour to showcase the community through this M&G.

6. What if my country does not have a G.O manager but I want to order?

You can form a group within your country that should preferably be able to buy 3 albums, to maximize shipping costs or you can order alone. But we highly encourage the first option!

7. When can I expect these to arrive to me or my G.O manager?

Mwave updates regularly on this link. Usually they arrive around 3 weeks to 1 month after they have been marked as shipped by Mwave. When the artists finish signing is a different question because, as you can imagine, having to sign thousands of albums will take a considerable amount of time! So Buddies please be patient with our girls.

8. Can I cancel my order after I have sent payment?

Strictly no cancellation of orders after payment. However if you wish to cancel your UNPAID order it must be done at least 1 week before the deadline of payment. If you cancel AFTER this time, you will be marked as a bogus buyer and will no longer be entertained by GFSquad in future G.Os 

9. When is the deadline for payment?

10th July 2019 4 PM KST

For any questions NOT answered in this post, feel free to contact, @Eunbii, on his SNS accounts!




1.) GFSquad will not be held liable for any mishap that may happen due to Mwave's or the Post Offices' carelessness. (Ex. Damaged boxes and Lost packages) We can only try our best to coordinate with Mwave for compensation in the case of a mishap.

2.) Participating in this bulk order is VOLUNTARY. If you have any reservations about our group order, feel free to ask us or to not participate instead.

3.) The team shall do the best we can to provide you the best service.



Let's start fresh, you and me

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