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Correct me if I am wrong if there are any pro-translator here. From what I am able to translate using my Line Camera function.

1) The promotion is that there will be this entertainment show collaboration by SBS and G Market where 50 fans who apply on G market will be choosen to go on a date with Gfriend (Application Period 2019.6.17-6.19) .  Plus they also included a 10% coupon > think it is for the new album purchase.

I think the "date with Gfriend" is on 23rd Jun 2019, and will be filmed and later post on the SNS channel of the main SBS.

2) G market also mentioned that you can apply for 100 won >to stand a chance to win signed lightstick or tshirt with autograph.

There is also photo showing signed lightstick (6 winners) and the tshirt with their autograph (3 winner), those who did not win will have 100 won refunded in terms of smile cash i guess.

3) There are also two pictures which is darkened out, which state 20th June for the sales schedule of album (can be changed without prior notice), and on the 24th June, they will be selling Gift Card (also date can be changed)

All the above information are translated by me using my LINE app, if anyone can provide with more details for the promo, please do so. Thanks:yerin-love:

Btw, is this only for Korean fans? Cause I can't seem to apply for it :(

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Looks like this event is really for korean buddies cause you will need to update your address (local korea address) and input korea mobile no to verify before you can participate



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