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Hi Buddies!

To celebrate Eunha's 23rd and SinB's 22nd birthdays, has launched the Eunbi (Eunha & SinB) 2019 Birthday Support Project! As we have been for our past projects, we will celebrate again by collecting funds to purchase 1 charity wreath for Eunha and 1 charity wreath for SinB. In addition to the charity wreaths, we'll send a message book each to Eunha and SinB. *Extra donations will go toward gifts for both birthday girls. Like our previous Birthday supports, we will have member and donor involvement as well! See "GFS Member Project Involvement" below for more details.


Link to: past projects' reviews!



Donation Goal: $700 usd

Donating For: 2 Charity Wreaths (1 for Eunha and 1 for SinB) + 2 Message Books (1 for Eunha and 1 for SinB)

  • *Extra donations will go toward gifts

Minimum Donation Amount: $5.00 usd

Benefits for Donors:

  1. A Forum Donation Award added to your profile. Example of previous awards:
    gfs-dearbuddy-rice-wreath-small.png.fce05b48437bcbfd6261b11c1e0eec5f.png gfs-award-donor-1.jpg.a72e08d810dc2d962agfs-award-donor-coalwreath.jpg.7af340da3dcgallery-award-donor-2nd-anniversary.pngfs-eunbi-bday-2017-small.jpg.4effc0cacc67cd9dd660e4efeb8df3d4.jpg
  2. Your forum status will also be changed from "Bud" or "Buddies" to "Donors"
  3. A free forum title change. (Post your title change requests here)



To make Buddies feel more involved in our projects, Buddies can help make decisions on the outcome of the project! 

Donors of the project will be invited to join a project team group chat, on the instant messaging app LINE, to brainstorm and work together on project tasks like:

  • decide on what wreath to purchase
  • the wording on the ribbons on the wreath
  • type of gifts
  • wrapping of gifts

For all Buddies who have donated to the project, please visit the below Donor thread (Only accessible to donors) to find the link to the chat. Please join this chat ASAP as we will start discussing the wreath ribbons, gifts, etc ASAP.


Fanarts & Message Books:

Fanarts: Send your fanarts to:

Message Books: Sent do:  Google Form (click here!)


Deadlines (*Times are in 11:59pm KST)

Donations: May 15th, 2019
Fanarts: May 15th, 2019
Message Books: May 15th, 2019


How To Donate:

1. Click link:

2. Click 'Donate Here' button located on the right side of the page. *Please use only the Donate button.


3. Select 'Amount' (Minimum $5.00 USD), 'Goal', and 'Payment Method' (only Paypal for now)


4. Confirm details, with options to stay 'Anonymous'


5. You will then be prompted by Paypal to login and confirm payment. 

Don't have a PayPal account? 
You can use your debit card (where available), credit card or bank account (where available).

The PayPal interface may vary.





We hope you can donate whatever you can to support GFRIEND, our cause, and!

-GFS Staff

:gfs-smilie-thankyou: :gfs-smilie-buddies:



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Oof I feel depressed that I can't contribute to this cause I don't have a card since I am a student😭


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On 4/24/2019 at 6:29 AM, Myet said:

Oof I feel depressed that I can't contribute to this cause I don't have a card since I am a student😭

You can link your PayPal account to a standard checking account if you don't have a card.  If you don't have a checking account, you could probably set one up, with your parent's permission, if needed.  They could hold onto the checkbook and debit card, and require approval for transactions.  Then they'd hand it all over when you turn 18 and take control of the account yourself.  It could double as a savings account as well (safer than a piggy bank).


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