Review of GFSquad's Mwave Meet and Greet Group Order (Time For Us)

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With the highly successful promotions of Time For Us ongoing, Mwave announced that GFRIEND would be joining them yet again for another Meet & Greet meaning Signed Albums! With that announcement, we also decided to make an announcement. GFSquad's 4th Worldwide Group Order!


We had a generous amount of time to gather orders from around the world this time, with a whole month in our hands, we aimed to shoot for the top. The Meet & Greet broadcast was scheduled for 22nd of February and sales began on the 14th 2019.

As being a G.O Manager is a voluntary task, some previous managers were unavailable this time so some changes were needed to be made to the G.O managers team. Nonetheless, each and every Group Order representative worked hard to promote the G.O to Buddies around the world. From the bottom of my heart, thank you all so much. Your time and effort has brought us this far!

Australia group orders representatives: @Eunbii (@/_eunbii)

Indonesia group orders representative: @Monica (@/twinkeul)

Singapore group orders representative: @amelian (@/kjunkie09)

Malaysia group orders representatives: @adib and @Neshy (@/Yujuneshy971004)

Canada West Coast group orders representative: @Shadownet (@/yunaverse97)

USA group orders representative: @staycool-yuna

Canada East Coast group orders representative: @AznSeoul 

Europe group orders representative: @BlackRyder (@/Black_Ryder1)

Philippines group orders representative: @ginseng0819 (@/ginseng0819)

Argentina group orders representative: @Litenim (@/yeochintxts)

Mexico group orders representative: @vanessa_montoya (@/SayA__Sone)


Orders were coming in slowly, but steadily. Second spot was quickly taken by us with 27 albums!



This Group Order was a special one. We invited two countries to join our list of countries with Group Order managers. Argentinian and Mexican Buddies!~




Fast forward to the day before the Meet and Greet broadcast, our top competitors have shown up! We've currently dropped down to the number three spot.


As we got closer to the date of the broadcast, competition between No.2 and No.3 spots were immense!



We were neck and neck with No.2!



But in the end, we were able to push through and take the Number 2 spot!


This time Umji said: "GFSquad dot com the union!

Thank you so much to our cutie Maknae Umji once again for recognising us! Everybuddy who joined us in this group order is to be thanked and we are grateful all of you are willing to contribute to this project and making this moment possible! These kinds of projects and moments could not be made possible without International Buddies backing us. We cannot thank you guys enough! ♥


More Projects and Events like these will be rolled out in the future to support our girls so be sure to stick around and show your support! Buddies who have shown their unrelenting support, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. GFSquad are a strong community and we wish to stay together forever ^^




Let's start fresh, you and me

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Nice review!

Yay to 2nd place! That was a close finish up the final seconds! :D

It was cute of Umji saying, "GFSquad dot com the union". She referred to us as "Union" before so it's nice to hear it again.


Great job @Eunbii for your hard work and to all of the G.O. managers for their efforts as well! :D



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Hello everyone, excellent review and great work of all participants! I hope that the first few are us. Thanks Umji for recognizing us !!! fighting! (thanks staff and @eunbii for helping me with my order for Argentina!)

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