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How did all the members react when they first heard the title song ‘Sunrise’?
Sowon: At first, the title song wasn’t ‘Sunrise’. During Chuseok, everyone was back at home and we received the song ‘Sunrise’ but Yuju listened to it first and told us in our chatroom that it wasn’t that great. Although I like the song ‘Sunrise’ a lot, I wasn’t very excited because I liked the song that was originally going to be the title song. After the company sent us the song, I always listened to it while on the move and the more I listen to it, the more I loved it. So I told them that we liked this as the title song. Maybe the CEO felt the same way, so it was changed to ‘Sunrise’. Umji: It’s a song that’ll make you sad and feel chilly just like the weather in winter, so if the song didn’t come out in cold weather like autumn or winter, you might not have felt the right season. I’m glad it’s released in winter. Eunha: I played and rested during the holiday but kept listening to this song. I kept repeating the lyrics.

Are you trying to separate work from everyday life?

Eunha: To be honest, I don’t really have a say in my life. When I’m resting, I can just lie down and watch a movie, I don’t have a favourite hobby so I don’t keep it apart. Umji: When we first debuted, I felt different when I came back to the dorm after looking at people’s eyes during the promotion, I felt like I was becoming more socially distant. Anyway, as time passed, I felt more stable and started to blend in. Now when I’m active, I don’t have much time. When I don’t have schedules, I try to do things I like or want to do.

You released a mini album every few months until you released the 2nd full album. I don’t think you had much time for a break, looking back on it now, how was it?

Sowon: We ran a lot, last year but towards the end of it, I heard about the plans for this year and that’s when I thought “We have to run even more this time (Laughs). Yerin: This time I feel like it’ll be a marathon. Sowon is worried and nervous but we’ll do everything one step at a time.

What are you mostly stressed about?

Eunha: When I’m unable to fall asleep. When I only sleep 1 or 2 hours a day, there’s more time to work than time to take a break. But I have to work hard as it’s my job. Umji: I’d used to think ‘I’ll gain a lot of weight if I eat this one right?’ But now I’m less stressed about food. It’s funny. These days, I get stressed if I take a long break without schedules. There’s nothing to do.

Have you learned how to relieve your stress?

Yerin: To be honest, I used to think ‘Ah, so this is what stress feels like’ but these days, I don’t think I’m under a lot of stress. It’s because I relieve it right away? I talk about it straight forwardly. Sowon: The members like spicy food. I think it’s relaxing to eat spicy food. Yuju: I don’t there’s that many ways to relieve stress. It’s impossible to postpone  my schedules and it’s not easy to catch me and take me somewhere to play. Rather than relieving stress, I make small jokes when I’m with the members. SinB: I don’t really know how to relieve my stress yet so I tend to pile it up. It’ll go away over time so I’m the type of person who needs some time.

What do you usually do when you rest?

Yerin: I haven’t rested lately, so I can’t really remember… I’m happy seeing our two puppies growing up. I unknowingly smile when I see them. SinB: When I come back to the dorm, I usually stay in my own room, but now I spend a lot of time in the living room with my puppy.

In the last interview with <Marie Claire> you said you had no mobile phones. How about now?

Sowon: That was during the start of ‘Navillera’ promotions. We got them after that promotion period.

Has life changed a lot since then?

Sowon: How did we live? It was inhumane (Laughs). Back then, we couldn’t use tablet PCs, so I looked out the window when we out to events. We couldn’t listen to music cause we couldn’t use any type of tech. When we listened to songs that we had to record for comebacks, we listened to it on our manager’s phone or in the practice room. Yuju: Thinking back, it didn’t really make any sense.

It’s painful to think about not listening to music while driving in the car

Sowon: That’s right. I started this job because I liked music (Laughs).

Did you know that Yuju’s durian review video became a hot topic on SNS recently? More than 110,000 people retweeted it.
(Everyone laughs)
Yerin: That was innovative even for us members from the same team. How did you even say it like that? Yuju: It was a long time ago when I was eating on broadcast for my fans and it reminded me of a story I wanted to talk about. Looking back at the review, I think I want to try durian again (Laughs).

There’s a saying that ‘GFRIEND do not hold back’. It’s the collection of GFRIEND’s straightforwardness that you don’t expect from other girl group members.

Sowon: The members are honest and express what they feel. The fans love our honest and easygoing appearance.

Among others, Yerin caught a man who wore glasses with a hidden camera at a fan signing event. There were a lot of implications for that. The ‘blind spots’ of this job were clearly visible.

Yerin: Just because I have this job, I don’t want to have to tolerate blind spots. I’m not sure how many of you would accept it, but our fans like it because we’re honest. If you don’t like this, then… Sowon: There are those who like it when you act according to your personality or thoughts, those who don’t like it aren’t our fans. I guess that means I don’t want to change myself.

You must’ve contemplated it at first.

Sowon: Yerin is very honest and straightforward. At beginning when we just debuted, we were busy and didn’t have much time so we slept in the car. As soon as I woke up I had to smile immediately. The fans waiting outside the car take pictures. It was a little hard to get used to at the start. Now that I’m friendly with our fans, I tell them honestly, ‘I haven’t slept, I’m sleepy. I feel like I’ve been less stressed by being honest.

You enter your 5th year of debut this year. How has it being living as GFRIEND for the last 5 years?

Yerin: However you see it, it’s not that we just debuted. But I still feel like it’s only been 2 years since I debuted. Honestly, I can’t believe it. Sowon: We didn’t appear on that many popular programs like variety shows or acting. We’ve been working hard on GFRIEND’s albums, so I don’t think people who look would feel like they’ve seen us for a long time. Yuju: I’ve 5 years old living as GFRIEND now. 5 is a very young age, but it’s no a short time in my life. It seems like it’s long but still short but nevertheless, I want to keep going with the same mindset I started off with. SinB: I think it’s time to do more. I want to achieve more things with my members while we’re active. Eunha: Time has gone by really fast. When we went to ISAC, usually lined up. But this time, we were at the front leading. I mean, was it really us? We’ve always been at the back (Laughs).

How were your results at <ISAC>?

Eunha: I’m really slow (Laughs). I only participated in one event, but I wasn’t that good at it.

The music you’ve be doing so far has a certain end result. The concept of going from innocent to sexy seems like a set process in the world of girl groups, so the attitude of sticking with a single colour, I think is very precious.

Sowon: For us, we just think of it as ‘If the song’s good, then it’ll be fine’. The concept will be determined by the song. So when I listen to music, I become cool-headed. Before, we didn’t give our opinions to the company very well. They told us that they’ll take care of it. But we can now freely express our opinions. So we just cool-headedly listen now. Yerin: I appreciate it when someone listens to a song and says that it feels like a GFRIEND song. Umji: I’m not afraid of changing up the concept or trying something different. I want to challenge something new, but honestly when we get a new song, we don’t really change the way we sing it. We naturally use our own colours. I think that even if we receive a song that’s “not a GFRIEND song”, it’ll eventually become our colour anyway. The title song had a similar resolution, but we tried a lot of different things with the B-side tracks. We’ll try to make changes in the future, but I think they’ll continue to feel like GFRIEND songs. Eunha: The colours are similar, but it feels like the colours as well as us are growing as we’re different than when we first debuted. We’re slowly changing.

Come to think of it, there are lots of changes between ‘Glass Bead’ and ‘Time for the Moon Night’. The way you do it in a similar mood but is still changing, and it can be told when you compare them. That’s pretty important.

Umji: Chocolate can be cake, bingsoo, syrup or even tiramisu, but it can’t be a strawberry latte. We just do what we can and try not to get bored of it. Eunha: From when we receive the song, practice it, until we take photos during the jacket shoot and music video, I do think ‘Wow, we’ve changed!’. But when I sing it and start promoting, I say ‘It’s GFRIEND!’ (Laughs)

What do you really want to do during this promotion period?

Yuju: Since there’s a saying that you should dream big, how about a world tour? SinB: A big dream of mine is to debut at number on the music charts. We haven’t debuted at number 1 since we debuted. Yerin: I want to achieve a triple crown with this song (Laughs). Sowon: Personally, I want to hear that I look comfortable on stage. The kids did so well so I hope it’ll be an even more developed album. Eunha: We’ve never travelled far away without a camera so we want to try that. One day when I said that, Umji said “I don’t care if we go anywhere” so I replied, “Well we can just use the BBQ in front of us, and if we walk a little, there’s the sea and there’s not too many people but…” I kept adding on conditions like that and as she heard me, she said “That’s not anywhere!” (Laughs) Eunha: Yerin unnie and Sowon unnie both have driver’s licenses… Umji: When we have time, we’re so tired so everyone rests and goes home, so I want to say ‘Let’s go on a trip together!’ I think it’s a good idea to just make up our minds on the spot and go there.

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찬란하게 빛나던 시간이었다고 맑은 여름비처럼 고마웠었다고 - "It was a bright, shining moment.  Thanks for being a clear summer rain"


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