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Let's talk about Sowon's vocals.

She's been improving so much since TFTMN era, I can't help but be the proudest Sowon stan ever. But a detail that I can't get off my head is that she rarely does vibrato, I mean she did it in It's you, Rain in the Spring Time, Sunny Summer and that's pretty much it, and she's never done it live, I think. So what's the deal with that? It's one of the easiest vocal techniques so why is that she struggles so much with it even after one year of training and improvement? Could any vocally skilled buddy answer this doubt?

Let's make it clear that I'm neither judging her skills as a vocalist, nor rushing her through her training.

Also feel free to show your favorite clips of Sowon singing/rapping.


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Natural vibrato is produced when the singing voice is relaxed.  Some people have mimicked successfully to have a relaxed voice and produce vibrato easily. Others have grown up with tension in the voice and tend to produce a straight tone as a result of that tension. While singing with a straight tone eventually hurts your voice and leads to damage...I honestly think Sowon might just not be properly trained.

There are also false vibratos, but these are different from the natural vibrato produced by an open throat and relaxed voice free of unnecessary tension. Those can be created by incorrect mimicking of the natural vibrato, or deliberately for style, but they are created out of vocal tension and are not ideal.  So the best solution for Sowon would be to see a vocal coach/teacher who can help her develop the muscles involved with singing and prevent further damage.

BTW, I totally agree that her singing abilities have improved tremendously over the years!  I especially like her voice in "It's You" :)


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