Sunrise Theory Scenario 3: Eunha's Dreams

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Hey, buddies here's the Scenario 3 of the "Sunrise". This is also my final theory for "Sunrise". For a long time, the storyline for Gfriend's story has been following the track of the members looking for Eunha. Well, this theory is a completely different story. If you are interested in my other theories for "Sunrise" please check here:

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Let's get started:

(0:00-0:12): "I had a dream last night. The moment we could be together was just short, we were not far away from each other.” Yes, Umji said this line. But keep in mind Eunha was in the dream as well.

Basically, in this theory, Nothing is REAL in this MV. It's multiple separated dreams by the deceased Eunha. The emotions and actions of the members are changing drastically and rapidly. Which makes the MV looks like a combination of multiple short stories.

Dream 1: Members' living status(Throughout the whole MV)

The first dream is throughout the whole MV. It's Eunha's dream about how are the members doing after she is gone. As she knows her members well, she knows that Sowon will keep looking at the photo albums and take the responsibility of taking care of the other, meanwhile, she would also hide her sadness to herself. She knows that Yerin would lose her energy, she knows that Yuju would become quieter, she knows that SinB and Umji would take a huge hit as the youngest. In this dream, everyone is sad, depressed and unspirited. Because Eunha knows that the members will be devasted and feel lost due to her and she felt guilty. As the length of this dream is the longest. Eunha probably dreamed this kind of dream most of the time as all the members are separated during these scenes. Eunha probably dreamed about them separately and long for them separately as well.

Dream 2: A Birthday Party(1:10-1:16)

The second dream is happy and unfortunately short. Eunha dreamed the members are gathered and celebrating her birthday(as she is wearing a tiara). She dreamed that the "fight" between the "Tom and Jerry Line"(Sowon&SinB). She dreamed that elder Yesister take care of the younger one. She dreamed that everyone is having a good time teasing each other. The dream ends with she dreamed about they shared friendship wristbands. The dream is based on her memory of the past and how the members interact with each other and insinuate that Eunha feels lonely and also longed for the members.

Dream 3: What if I'm still alive? (2:10-2:12)(2:14-2:16)

The third dream is even shorter than Dream 2. Eunha shortly dreamed about what would happen if she is alive. She would hang out with other members just as before. 

Dream 4: If you could visit me...(3:09-3:31)

Eunha dreamed about what would happen if the members could come and visit here. (Or what will happen after all the members died and reunion together). They would wear similar clothes like fairies and roaming around the forest together. Normally, the forest feels empty and boring, but with each other, the journey would be much happier and the bond between the members will never fall apart.

Overall, "Sunrise" in this theory was describing Eunha's dreams in heaven. She mainly longs for her members and feels guilty about the negative effect her death brought to the members (Dream 1). She also has multiple dreams about the reunion with her members, both in heaven and in real life if she was alive. Throughout the MV, Eunha is often found in an environment of pure while and she opens up her eyes frequently. This represents the short happy dreams ends quickly and the fact she is alone has not been changed. When she plays the piano, she was also daydreaming about Dream 1 as she is thinking about her members. Only in her dreams, she could have some happiness with her imagination and "brought" the members together once again.

So that is all of my Scenarios for "Sunrise" I could probably still write one or two more but I decided to stop here as I don't want to force myself with content lack of quality and limit other buddies' thoughts. Sunrise is such an amazing sun and I believe it will bring me energy when I'm down. 

Sorry if this one is a little bit rushed. Thank you all for reading my theories. Fighting Gfriend! Fighting Buddies!




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