Sunrise Theory Scenario 2: Summoning And Teleporting

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Hey, Buddies here's the Scenario 2 of the "Sunrise" This ending is neither a good ending nor bad ending. It's a more like an extended story for TFTMN, a sequel if you prefer. If you are interested in my other Scenarios Please check here:

Sunrise Theory Scenario 1: Suicide Tragedy (Trigger Warning):

Let's get started:

(0:00)-(0:12) "I had a dream last night. The moment we could be together was just short, we were not far away from each other.” Firstly Umji said, "The moment we could be together was just short" means that Eunha has been with members for a while maybe in a dream, maybe in some other ways. Then she said, "We were not far away from each other." Could we understand this as they are getting closer?

(0:13) Please take note of Eunha's clothes

Notice that until(0:44) Each member's individual shot has CANDLES included. Sowon and SinB don't, but we could see the sunlight and the dress code of them are different from the other three members(Umji, Yerin, Yuju). Candles are normally used for Praying or Summoning in some stories.

Until here my guess is that after TFTMN, the members are dedicated to finding another way to meet Eunha. Umji, Yerin, and Yuju found a way to summon Eunha back to life for a while. But the summoning needs certain requirements.

At (1:11) We see Eunha with the members, what's the difference between this scene and the past scenes that the members are separated? That's right, with candles, there's is support of the SUNLIGHT. So we know that Candles+Sunlight summons Eunha. Notice that Eunha is the only one still with her white robe at (0:13). She is being summoned, therefore she does not change her clothes. While the other members have changed clothes, for example, Sowon was wearing Blue at the start of the MV, but during this scene, she is wearing Pink.

But very soon, at (1:27), we see Yerin looked worried at the window and SinB then checked the clock. What's the time? 5:30. From the sunlight, we could guess it's problem 5:30 pm as there's is still sunlight. Why they are worried/sad, because, without Sunlight, Eunha will disappear.

(1:36) The sunlight is completely gone and Eunha is nowhere to be found, the members look sad and devastated. Yerin checks the window again for sunlight at(1:38).

(1:40) The cake missing a piece presents the time 5:30. The moment Eunha was gone.

From (1:45), we could see that the sunrise again, but Eunha is still not with them. Therefore, they know that the summoning can't be performed at any time and have many limitations. So they can't rely on that to meet Eunha more frequently. Therefore they started to find other ways to achieve this goal.

At (2:10), Another successful summon of Eunha. This time Eunha changed her clothes and there were no candles, means the key for the summoning to happen is SUNLIGHT.

So what's the new method to meet Eunha. It's teleportation. We could see a failed attempt from Yerin at (2:13), but notice that the place she is at is very similar to Eunha's Environment. This is why Umji said, "We were not far away from each other." Because they are getting CLOSER.

Umji is probably the teleporter, she checks the time at (2:38) and interacts with fixing a jigsaw puzzle and the same musical score with Eunha, which could all be the elements of successful teleportation.

As Umji started playing the piano at (2:45), we could see that the members started to get teleported. Yerin(2:52) from here failed attempt,Sowon(2:55) Yuju(2:57), SinB(3:00). And finally Umji herself as at (3:12), she also sits on the piano and next to Eunha. Umji has completed successful teleportation.

(3:21) We could clearly see the differences between Eunha and others, she is glowing with faded Blue Highlight.

As they enjoy their time together holding hand roaming around the woods. (3:41) Sowon and SinB were pulled back to real life. Probably the other members as well. SinB cries as she realized that the teleportation has ended. She didn't open her eyes as she doesn't want to end the time being with Eunha.

Overall, Scenario 2 is about more attempts from members to bring Eunha back to them or get them to meet Eunha. Although both ways succeed (Summoning and Teleporting). Neither lasts long enough to make them be together for a decent amount of time. This why Umji said, "The moment we could be together was just short ." Normally, there's no way for people to revive but the members have kept trying. The moment they are together was short, but at least, they could still Eunha as they now have multiple ways to do so. I personally think this Scenario 2 is not that exciting and full of mystery, but it's the theory closest to real life. From Sunrise we could see the members not giving up and deep feeling towards Eunha. We know that Eunha won't be able to back to life. But at least the members could still meet her. In some ways, in some time.

Anyways, that's it for Scenario 2, the one being the most realistic but the least surprising. I have remembered from Dreamcatcher's Comeback, one of their members were also trapped in the dream. (Considered Dead in Real Life). OMG, I just received the smell of collaboration. #SouMu Hire Me, Haha, but anyways hope you guys like this Scenario and I'll see you soon in my Final Scenario for Sunrise.

Till then,



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