Sunrise Theory Guessing (Teaser 2): Merged Eras?

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Some personal fantasies after watching the teasers. (Part 2)

Teaser 2

Different from Teaser 1, Teaser 2 has a very strong start and all the member are together and the start. (0:02).

(0:03) Suddenly, the era has changed to the modern era, which is a huge switch from the classical era at the end of Teaser 1. And the mood of the members is very positive, happy, and carefree. Which is a huge difference compared to their emotions in Teaser 1, sad and missing for each other. The place they are at is also very notable, a tunnel? Maybe a time travel tunnel? (Followed Part 1 Theory).

(0:06) We go back to Teaser 1, the classical era. Eunha was back alone. So I guess that (0:03) was a flashback from the members recall the last meeting in the modern era.

(0:13) Yuju is still waiting for someone, we could guess from the prepared cups.

(0:14) This is the most important scene I consider from both Teasers. Yerin in a phone booth calling someone. Did you remember Sowon was also calling someone in the Summer Rain MV? Maybe they are trying to call each in different dimensions?

(0:15) 10:10. It's not Yuju's Birthday. Then what could it be? And why is Umji checking the time? Is she preparing for the next time travel like she did in Teaser 1?

(0:17) Exactly what I have imagined in Teaser 1! Notice that on the left of the room is the modern era and the right of the room is the classical era! In my theory that during the time travel something goes wrong. And the two dimensions merge each other. Which explains why the members have access to both eras.

(0:22) Another Phone. Did the call from Yerin at (0:14) accessed? Eunha again, this time on the modern era phots but with the classical era petals.

Overall, my theory is that after TFTMN, the girls are giving lots of effort to find a way to get together once again, instead just the "Moon Night". Umji discovers a way to time travel while during fixing the jigsaw. (Probably crossing the tunnel like (0:02))? However, during the progress of the time travel, two dimensions (The Modern Era and The Classical Era) Merged. That's why we see the different ornaments in the same room from different eras. Like the modern speakers and the old phonograph in Teaser 1. However, they are trapped in a limited space (The merged House). And that's how "Sunny Summer" happens, the members are happily together, but they are trapped in the room. Remember that in "Sunny Summer" the members never left the room, they could only imagine or access from other resources like magazines and coloring books to feel the "Sunny Summer". The reasons are that they are trapped and couldn't go anywhere. But they are together, that's the most important thing and they live happily after ever.


1. TFTMN---Eunha dies. Member figures out that they could meet each other at the "Moon Night". Umji discovers the way to time travel.

2. Love Whisper---Successful Time Travel, members meet each other by through the tunnel. Eunha back to life due to time travel.

3. Summer Rain---Time Travel fails, Eunha waiting for the members but witness the failed time travel. Yuju, Yerin traveled to Classical Era with Eunha.

4. Sunrise--- Sowon/Yerin tries to call each other from different dimensions. Umji tries to activate the time travel again and caused the merged house and made the members meet each other once again.

5. Sunny Summer---The End. The members are trapped in the house, they lost their freedom, but at least, they have each other.

Some crazy fantasies I know. But this is what I hope to be the true ending. This story has been extremely long and I enjoyed every music video throughout. But there are just too many heartbreaking moments and I really hope that Gfriend could be happier in their songs. Although this is not the perfect ending, at least Eunha is still alive and they still have each other.

Of course, the official MV has not been released and everything until now is just pure guessing. For now, we could just put our hands together and pray for a Happy Ending for this amazing story.




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