Sunrise Theory Guessing (Teaser 1): Time Travel?

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Just some personal fantasies after watching the teasers. Really looking forward for the release of "Sunrise".

Teaser 1

To be honest, Teaser 1 confuses me after I watched it the first time. But after repeat it a few times I have some singular reveries.

The members' outfits have different styles throughout Teaser 1. Sowon, Umji, SinB looks like living in the current time, wearing fairly causal modern day clothes. While Yuju, Yerin, and Eunha wearing classical clothing. Something worth mentioning is that they are separated, none of them are together. Looks like they are living in different dimensions.

However, I soon discovered that something weird.

(0:03) SinB picks up the "Sunrise" Album. Notice that she has a speaker in the background and there are multiple things illustrate that she lives in a fairly modern time. But the album disk is only able to use on an old phonograph.

(0:05) So obvious that Sowon also lives in fairly modern time (Buildings outside, the album photos, outfit). But she is surrounded by multiple classic ornaments(the lamp, perfume bottle). And is that the plant from "Sunny Summer" on the left of the screen? (The one she watered).

(0:09) Yuju is definitely not at the same time with SinB and Sowon. (Classical Clothing, old decoration, and utensils)

(0:14) Umji is a little bit confusing, but I think she is in modern time. (0:17)

(0:19) Yerin looks in the classical dimension with Yuju)

(0:22) Eunha is the most confusing one in Teaser 1, she looks like in the classic dimension with Yerin and Yuju, but she is not inside like the other members are.

(0:24) 5:30, Eunha's Birthday, isn't it?

(0:27) Umji finished the jigsaw puzzle with the missing piece, notice that the candles have been put out by some force and the jigsaw is glowing.

(0:30) The first time the members are together. Two things worth noticing here. One, all the members are wearing classical outfits. Two, Eunha is magically glowing.

Overall, the feeling of the first Teaser 1 is that the members don't live in the same dimension until Umji fix the jigsaw. Then they time travel to the past and meet each other. But why Eunha is weird here? In my understanding that the missing piece from the jigsaw resembles Eunha as from the past MVs she is the "missing piece" of the group. The mixed furniture from both dimensions means they have time traveled before between the modern era and the classical era. But time travel can't be performed at any time. I think the clock scene(0:24) resembles the time travel could only success at a specific time. That's why all the member looks long for each other throughout the Teaser 1, they are waiting for the next opportunity to time travel and live together. From the album in Sowon's hand. We could also know that they have time traveled to the modern era together before.

This Teaser gives me a similar feeling to a movie I have watched before, where the two characters live in different dimensions somehow time traveled and meet each other.




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There is also a theory for TFTMN that Eunha has passed away (This idea always gets me so sad). There was a part in the mv where Yuju climbed up a hill or mountain and layed down on a pile of rock. I guess that’s where Eunha rests. There are also many scenes that could support this idea. And this theory supports a lot your theory. The girls want Eunha back so they time travel and relive the moments with Eunha and the birthday was a part of their memories.




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Time travel may be involved. If you collect all the photo cards for Sunrise and complete the puzzle you notice that the flower is actually a clock. And recall also that clocks are in pretty much every Gfriend MV.  There may be something to your reverie. Will we see something exciting in the near future? Will we see Gfriend time travel? They talk about time travel in Rough and they talk about being there for each other even in the future.  Could we see Gfriend time jump back to Rough?  Also consider that "You Are Not Alone" was meant to be the title track for this album. Even if it had been the title track instead of Sunrise the message of "You Are Not Alone" could still fit well with the theories of time travel and Eunha being deceased. It would also fit perfectly with the message of Rough. But you have to wonder what the original plan was since Source originally planned to use "You are Not Alone" as the title track of Gfriend's 2nd full album. I am excited for the future of Gfriend and Buddy. I think we could see something really amazing if time travel really is involved.



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