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Buddies I noticed something while i watching TFTMN mv cause I didn't see anyone mention it before .


what if #GFRIEND at the end of TFTMN mv were waiting for the #SUNRISE !

This why Eunha looked to the moon at her back & the sky seems like it's very early morning not night (because it's over) & the moon is not bright like at night.


Maybe this is hints !!


They tell us that Sunny Summer happened after #SUNRISE


am I going crazy with ?!! vlcsnap-2019-01-08-05h09m31s196.jpegvlcsnap-2019-01-08-05h09m40s25.jpegvlcsnap-2019-01-08-05h09m45s89.jpegvlcsnap-2019-01-08-05h10m13s105.jpeg


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Analyzing and paying attention to the three logos TFNM, SUNNY SUMER and TIME FOR US I think they are indicating the culmination of a cycle or a story or something that in turn becomes or can be repeated since in the last logo it is showing the three stories in a single drawing or image. I do not know if they understand my point of view.



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