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Dear fellow buddies,


Peeper is a voice diary where you can ask your idol for messages and the most voted ones can be accomplished by them.


They are currently working on a translation feature but the app team told me by email that Source Music might take Gfriend out of the app if the don't get enough reactions. At the same time, not enough to international buddies are reacting because they don't understand Korean.


It seems like we are at crossroads but if we reached enough reactions and followers on Gfriend's channel, then the girls might continue posting voice messages we ask them for!


SinB posted and we need 1000 posts on her message so they will post another one.


Also, in Gfriend's channel, there is a request for translation that needs lots of reaction for being accomplished.


Let's help it, buddies!Screenshot_20181215-184741.jpegScreenshot_20181208-142941.jpegScreenshot_20181208-140417.jpeg


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I have this app and it is a pity not to understand the voice messages left by SinB, Sowon, Umji and Yerin.


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