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181209 GFriend Meet and Greet interview at 2018 KCity Camp

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KCity Camp Meet held a concert in Indonesia and here's the Meet and Greet interview of GFriend that was happened earlier ago (3PM indonesia time).ŕ


MnG interview:
1. MC: what do you think about INA buddy?
UJ: they seems have a lot of energy

2. MC: "would you like to give us your first impression about Indonesia?"
YJ: "when we arrived,we felt very tired. but when we see many fans welcoming us at airport,we feel very touched".

3. MC: "what kind of Indonesian food you like to try?"
EH: " we like nasi goreng very much (thumbs up)".
UJ: "can we ask?"
MC: "sure".
UJ: "can you recommend another food?" then we say mie goreng (fried noodle). UJ said in their menu,there are mie goreng and they want to try,but Sinb said to try nasi goreng  instead and they regret it xD they promised us to try mie goreng

4. MC: "what your future plans in 2019?"
YJ: "we want to travel to many country as possible,we want to meet our fans".

5. MC: "is there any plans to hold solo concert in Jakarta?"
SW: "we are deeply sorry because during our Asia tour,we cannot hold concert here. let's wish we can hold concert in Jakarta for next year".

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