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Hi! I'm not sure if this post goes here but I want to get this off my chest.


I have been watching Gfriend and Buddy interaction videos a lot lately. They just warm my heart so much and fill it with love. Gfriend just loves buddies from the bottom of their heart. That got me reflecting.

When I first started listening to kpop I never knew that I would fall in love with a group as much as I have with Gfriend. I can't imagine going even a day without listening to Gfriend. They make me so happy and make my boring days worth living.

Gfriend is just perfect! I'm proud to be a buddy and can't imagine a better fandom to be in. Buddies are super supportive and lovely. It's amazing how one group can connect so many people from all over the world.

Gfriend is so talented! They sing and dance super well! But those aren't the only reasons why Gfriend is the best! They also have nice personalities and they go well together and are really good friends. They also love their fans a lot and that's just unbelievable!

Gfriend and Buddies have such a bond that transcends countries and continents. Buddies will support Gfriend forever! Gfriend appreciates buddies so much. They interact with buddies a lot and make sure they are doing fine. Gfriend will never leave buddies behind. Buddies are like family to them.

I come from Europe and Gfriend doesn't come here often. They haven't had a concert here yet but I'm sure they will one day! I do sometimes feel sad when I see Gfriend interacting with buddies because I most likely won't be able to do that because I live so far from them. But even though distance hurts I would never choose a different group to stan! Gfriend is the best! Buddie forever!


What are some of the ways you cope with missing Gfriend? How do you get over the sadness of living so far from Gfriend? Any advice is appreciated!


Lots of love



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