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2019 Banner Art Making Contest for GFRIEND 4th Debut Anniversary by

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Banner Art Making Contest is finally back!

This year GFSquad will search for the best GFriend fanart in celebrating their 4th Debut Anniversary. We would like to invite talented Buddies to step up and create beautiful illustration for GFRIEND! 

Last year during GFRIEND 3rd Anniversary, GFSquad held an event for the first time. The event Banner Art Making Contest was officially started last year and became successful. We are thankful to all Buddies that able to support our coal wreath project for GFRIEND! 




Let's take a look back of what happened in 3rd Anniversary!

The winner of 2018 Banner Art Making Contest is one of famous and talented fanartist Tou (터우). She's the first fanartist winner who drew unique anime style of GFriend during 3rd anniversary! 



Better check our 3rd Anniversary support project full review!




Check the Banner Art in GFriend's VLIVE!버디친구-3주년🤹




For 2019 Banner Art Making Contest, who will be the new winner? Or who will defend the title?

Come and join our event and your artwork might be the one featured in GFriend's special VLIVE in their 4th Anniversary. The mechanics are simple and clear! Below are the initial instructions in how to submit a banner art!



Who is your favorite GFriend fanartist? Go mention and tag them in this project!!!

Goodluck and fighting Buddies!




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