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Meonji (먼지) puppy, GFriend's new family member!

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Today is a memorable and great day for Buddies. We got a new family member which is a cute puppy!

Let's welcome Meonji! A 2 months old baby boy poodleㅋㅋ


In  recent VLIVE of Sowon, she revealed there will be a big news will come in a week. A big news that is personal. So Buddies waited and excited to hear what is the big news..



After 3 days, she finally revealed the big news.. and that is having a new puppy!

So today November 11, 2018 in her latest VLIVE she introduced a new family member to buddies and GFriend members. 


Meonji (먼지) which means dust is a very unique nameㅋㅋ



She shared that Meonji is still baby so he still have black hair but later on when he grew up little by little, it will transform into silver. 

Is'nt he so adorable right?? Yesㅠ




He is so active and having fun playing with Mother Sowon. 




Watch their cute interactions in full broadcast here


Since Meonji ia part of Buddies and GFriend family, we can able to see more of his development and interactions with members. We will definitely support Meonji too!


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