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In January 2015, GFRIEND released their debut album [Season of Glass] with the song ‘Glass Bead (2015), then ‘Me Gustas Tu (2015)’, ‘Rough (2016)’, ‘Navillera (2016)’, ‘FINGERTIP (2017)’, and the latest album [Sunny Summer] which had the title song ‘Sunny Summer (2018)’, all the title songs of their albums became successful hits and they became a representative group in the music industry. They are known for their concept of ‘Powerful Innocence’ as well as their knife-like choreography. Especially their main vocalist Yuju, who boasts her powerful singing ability, is attracting attention as a next generation vocalist. Yuju has participated in OST and collaboration projects. In June, she released her first solo single album ‘Love Rain (Feat. Suran) (2018)’.

The editorial team behind <Monthly Yoon Jongshin> had interview with Yuju who’s participating in the November issue.

This year is almost over and it’s already November. How was Yuju’s year this year?

I’m 22 years old this year. As I’ve been doing since I debuted, I’ve been concentrating on my team and I’m sad to hear that the end of the year is already arriving.

‘Cramming’ is a song that is tied to a parting/farewell that comes abruptly and is crammed. How did you feel when you first heard this song?

I got the MR and music guide for this song from my team leader. I saw the subject being ‘Cramming Guide’ and wondered, was this made while ‘Cramming’? That’s what I thought. Haha. I remember pressing the play button in admiration of the fresh contents when I realised the title was cramming. If the melody and atmosphere of the song is compared to food, it was like a new food that had a unique scent which I’ve never eaten before. Nevertheless, the song made me curious and I wanted to try it. The painfulness of the parting was so intriguing that once I heard the song, I kept singing it all day during my schedules. I thought that Yoon Jongshin was indeed amazing.

When Yuju works, is it your style to prepare everything and be meticulous? Or are you the type to ‘Cram’ everything? If that’s the case, do you have any tips on how to ‘Cram’?

Rather than being prepared, I think I’m the meticulous type. However, when I was a kid, I used to memorise English words by cramming them. I memorised words my own way, which may sound crazy, but it worked. For example, when I remember the word ‘intelligent’, I do it like ‘to be well with interior, I have to be intelligent’ or with the word ‘imitate’, I say ‘I’m already imitating what I’m imitating.’ Haha.  This was my way for memorising and cramming.
*T/N: This part makes more sense in Korean when she explains it.*

Were there any interesting episodes when recording this song? There must have been something different from when you record GFRIEND’s songs. What if there was something special that Producer Yoon Jongshin wanted?

First, when Minseo Unnie heard that I was here, she ran to the recording room. Thanks to her, I felt more relaxed. While I was recording, Yoon Jongshin sunbaenim watched over me and directed me well so I could express the song freely in my own way. He respected my feelings, and thoroughly checked my parts like pronunciation, beat, and breathing. It was really a recording where I learnt so many things.

You’re actively participating as an idol in group ‘GFRIEND’, and as a solo vocalist, as well as being involved in OSTs. What’s the difference between working in a group and working alone?

When I work in a group, I have a feeling of being in harmony with the members, and when I’m by myself, I can try more new things. In terms of dressing up, it’s fun to dress up in couple like clothes, and it’s fun to decorate and exchange accessories when by myself. I want to show you many different images in the future.

Please express the November issue 'Cramming' with one word.

First snow. Now is the time to wait for the first snow. I think working with Yoon Jongshin sunbaenim for the first time is a gift like the first snow.

I’m curious about your future plans.

I’m always steadily preparing and working as GFRIEND. Please keep an eye out for me.

Finally, please say a few words to all the <Monthly Yoon Jongshin> subscribers.

Hello everyone, I’m GFRIEND’s Yuju. Thank you so much for reading this interview, and I hope you’ll be happy with the rest of 2018. When your head sometimes gets complicated, you can take a break. You can cram it! 


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찬란하게 빛나던 시간이었다고 맑은 여름비처럼 고마웠었다고 - "It was a bright, shining moment.  Thanks for being a clear summer rain"


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