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[Trans] GFRIEND, Gets First Half's TRIPLE Crown ..Reputation of This Year's'Best Girl Group'

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Source: GFRIEND, Gets First Half's TRIPLE Crown ..Reputation of This Year's'Best Girl Group'




Girlgroup GFriend's 'Rough' achieved the Triple Crown at Gaon Charts End of First Half of 2016.


According to Korea's public music chart, Gaon Charts, 2016's End of First Half (January 1~June 30) Digital Overall Charts as well as Download Charts, and Streaming Charts, GFriend's "Rough" was crowned the number one song. Thus, receiving a Triple Crown.


Meanwhile, the song that placed the second is Davichi's 'This Love' and the third being MC The Max's 'No Matter Where'. In the case of Download Charts, 'Rough' has 1,453,331 downloads, while 'This Love' has 1,259,612 downloads and Zico's 'You Are Me, I Am You' has 1,213,155 downloads being the third in the Downloads chart.


At Streaming Charts, as expected GFriend's 'Rough' has 74,884,475 streams ranking first. Below it, MC The Max's 'No Matter Where' follows (68,275,491 streams) then Davichi's 'This Love' (65,413,985 streams) follows.


Specially nowadays, it is noticeable that the general public quickly change from one song to another and it is quite rare for a 'single song' to dominate the music charts for a very long-run. And hereby, GFriend was officially named as a 'Digital Monster' lifting again their dignity as 'Chart Topping Idols'.


Meanwhile, "conquering-2016's-First-Half-Music-Chart-best-performing" GFriend is about to start a full scale promotion this July 11th with their first regular album 'LOL' and releasing their title song 'You & I (Navillera)' as well.




The graph shows that 65% of the comments came from male users while 35% came from female users. It is notable that people at their 10's, 20's and 30's gave the most comments in this article.


Netizens' Comments:


+1881 -223

As expected of the artists with the songs we love .. this time the incoming 'You & I' will get big as well


+1503 -225

Rough has really good lyrics and storyline (T/N: the comment pertains to the lyrics)


+1338 -205

Good songs & good choreography plus Yuju is also a reliable mainvocals


+940 -193

It feels so good that Gfriend is this half of the year's best artist.


+833 -169

Their songs are really good GFRIEND Fighting!!


+279 -47

'Rough' that triumphed even when released at January .. it's really a master piece that you will listen all the time..


+266 -46

Power-Pure GFRIEND Fighting! Let's hit big with this comeback~ and all of you are so pretty~


+240 -41

GFriend is starting again to rise up to the top .. GFRIEND x Buddies Fighting!


+237 -40

I think now that they will release a new album 'Rough's' ranking will rise up again definitely ..then it is possible that it will be the best song of this year


+227 -37

'Rough' is surely a masterpiece. The lyrics, the melodies, I really like them..


+198 -37

Let's fly high like a butterfly

Let's walk on flowery paths only GFRIEND~


Thanks for reading.

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As expected. GFriend is truly a



Thanks for translating, Pop!




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Thanks for translating!!! :D

<3 as expected of godfriend



♡ rest in peace ♡

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