Source Music's way of promoting SinB: leads her to be part of SM Station collaboration

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Source Music's way of promoting SinB: leads her to be part of SM Station X 0 collaboration

Source music promotes GFriend in unique ways. Using a keyword to generalise them of what concept they will show. One of example was during fingertip era that they wanted to show girl crush concept in their interviews.

Speaking of girl crush concept, it was the first time they did a big transition from that era. From power innocence into power chic, therefore its like Source music opened the door for them to go through the new style of chic and mature side.

By using the new style, it will be marked as reference in the world of kpop.

For example. Eunha brings mature and sexiness in Taxi. Eunha was chosen as one of main vocal in the group collaboration Sunny Girls during year end of 2016.
So Eunha became reference of using chic style in GFriend.

Second one was SinB performed Infinite's Chaser in year end 2016. Power and chic again!


Reference is really important for group to be introduced to the new concept so audience will get to know and feel the new side of them.
So in year 2017, Fingertip was released so those activities of SinB and Eunha are their reference of being power and chic style.


But how it happened..
The chic style was applied again in some choreo of their Bside songs such as Crush, Ave maria, Rainbow
Contrail and Please Save My Earth.





So the season of gfriend concert which a big event became a reference. And that introduced Time for the moon night. The choreo has mix of graceful moves with chic style


Source music way of promoting is unique. Step by step, we Buddies able to know new side of GFriend from time to time.

So how SinB got the opportunity to be part of SM Station X 0?


Simply It's her own style that leads to call them.
SinB always mentioned in radio shows, interviews that she often change her hair style and Source Music supports it.

SinB's hair transitions

It was started from year end of 2017 to 2018.

Now. Let's take a look in her fashion style.
This was SinB during 2016






You can see the big changes in her outfit styles especially in 2018 Time for the moon night era.

So.. is Source music having a new plan again? Seems like SinB chic styles was used as reference again.
These days, stylist and SinB worked together to show her chic elegant style.



And that introduced her to the new project, Wow Thing by SM Station X 0.




SinB's performance of Infinite Chaser with Seulgi and Chungha is also one of the best reference to consider so SinB became part of new collaboration.
With her new changes of outfits that was seen in public and medias,  the audience will have an idea that SinB can pull off any style.


Let's support SinB in her new collaboration project!




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Yes. Source Music is revealing it step by step, so that we won't get a shock effect. If GFRIEND will try the girl crush song again, I hope the song type will be the haunting orchestra to it a.k.a. pop-orchestra-crush. Here is one example that I can think of:

But whatever song type they will pursue in the future, we will support it. I will trust Source Music to release super high-quality song each comeback. It's time for GFRIEND-pop to rise!


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gfriend is innocent girl crush 

and i'm waiting for another crush comeback like fingertip because gfriend can do anything. gfriend release only high-quality music



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