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[Spotlight] Happy Yesisters Day Support Project Highlight! Wreath art design by Hana from New Zealand!

2 posts in this topic's Happy Yesisters Day Highlight!

In preparation for Yesisters Day birthday project, GFSquad held another special event for every Buddy fan artists. Our main goal is to feature Buddy's artistic skills wherein every fan artist will be on spotlight!

It is important for us to share every Buddy's precious talent for them to get a recognition from everyone especially to GFriend. Now, GFSquad will be looking for Buddy fan artist who has potential and can able to make an artistic banner for GFriend!


GFSquad members or Buddies who have participated and for those who sent their fan arts in the previous birthday projects or within this year will be an entry and will have a chance to get on spotlight too! We will also look for Buddies who are actively supporting GFriend as well. Buddies are always welcome to join this project!


This time, get to know one of the best fan artist in Buddy community! Under Yesisters Birthday Project highlight is one of great fan artist, @Hana who designed the charity wreath art for Umji!

Check our full review project for Umji!




@Hana who is from New Zealand, a hardworking Buddy and very passionate in her works! Check some of her great masterpiece and GFriend fanarts on her GFSquad profile




Q. GFSquad community are very glad to know you. We are thankful you accepted our offer to feature your masterpiece that is dedicated for GFriend Umji. You really impressed us as well with Buddies. How do you feel about it?

Thank you! I feel very blessed! And I’m very thankful for this opportunity to draw~




Q. You’re a very professional artist! What do you do in personal or other interests besides GFriend? Tell us more about yourself!

Other than drawing, I like to experiment a lot with different types of art. Currently trying to learn some 3D stuff, but I’ve had very little time! I also love all sorts of DIY (Do It Yourself) hand crafts, hand lettering/calligraphy, reading, computer games, board games, etc… generally introverted stuff though ahahaha.




Q. By doing artworks of GFriend and as a professional artist, first of all how did you became fan of GFriend? When it was all started?

Around Me Gustas Tu/Rough era J I first watched their (in)famous Me Gustas Tu fancam, the song was stuck in my head for ages, then Rough came out and bam! Buddy!



Q. As a Buddy, are there other things like hobbies or interests that you passionately do (or wanted to do in the future) in supporting GFriend?

Just probably art – but art comes in all forms J


Q. Being a Buddy has an unconditional love to all members but if you will choose one/pair favourite member that you loved the most, who and why?

Umji. No reason in particular, just because. J


Q. Doing fanarts are worked in a lot of time. Giving all the efforts and preparations to be done. Where do you get inspirations in doing GFriend fan arts? What are the things that keeps you motivated to do it?

As much as any art I do, it’s just temporal bouts of inspiration ahahaha. Nothing super special, ideas come when they feel like coming… and yes, the lack of it can be annoying at times! Motivation wise, lots of background music! And food! Hehe. Though deadlines are also pretty great motivators…..

Q. Is there a Buddy fan artist or other graphic Illustrators outside the fandom that you impressed with? Can you name some of them!

I’ve always adored Qinni! And there are so many more artists too, too many to name! And the style I tend to like changes a lot, so the artists change alongside the style. But Qinni has always stayed my favourite for a long time.




Q. If you will choose an era (From all the comeback album concept) that you like the most from GFriend, certainly what era and songs from that album that is your favourite? 

What the heck, such a tough choice haha. As a whole album, either Time for the Moon Night or Flower Bud! Though my favourite songs right now are Ave Maria, Rainbow, Hear The Wind Sing and Neverland :)


Q. Is there any memorable moment you experienced or unforgettable happenings from GFriend that make you happy as a Buddy?

Seeing my artwork on the banner for Umji’s birthday ^_^



Q. Lastly, do you have message to aspiring Buddies, to all beginners or wanted to pursue being a Buddy fanartist in the future

Keep drawing, keep practising! What everyone sees are usually only the results, but within every result is lots of hard work. Everyone is always improving, hard work pays off and will continue to do so~~

Give a shout out to every Buddy!!

Love you all x


We are happy to know you @Hana Buddy! Indeed, your talent is really amazing and proud as Buddy! Thank you for having here in GFSquad community and in this fandom. Buddy Jjang! 

To all aspiring Buddy fan artist! You can join and share your arts to us! Feel free to posts and make a lot of fan arts about GFriend! Keep supporting GFriend and anticipate more of our upcoming birthday projects!😄


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Flower Bud is definitely underrated album, at least among international Buddies. :Eunha:


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