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[SOOMPI] GFRIEND Talks About Their Future And Being Compared To SISTAR

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GFRIEND Talks About Their Future And Being Compared To SISTAR

GFRIEND talked about their recent comeback in an interview with TV Report.

Ever since their debut, GFRIEND has been described as being consistent with their style, as they maintain an innocent look but mix in powerful performances. GFRIEND is said to be a perfect fit for summer, which fits with GFRIEND’s dream of becoming everyone’s “summer friend.”

Aiming for a hot summer with their title track “Sunny Summer,” GFRIEND during the interview shared their ambitions after promoting together for over three and a half years.

“There’s a lot of things we want to show you,” they said. “So we have a lot to do in the future. Of course, the color and concept will be different each time. We want to be refreshing in the summer and show a sentimental side in the winter. Breezy, warm, bright, light — we still have so much to do.”

GFRIEND had their comeback this year during a record breaking heat wave. Some have even wondered if they may follow in SISTAR’s footsteps, as the now disbanded group was known for releasing hit tracks each summer.

GFRIEND replied, “Please don’t say we will take their place or replace them. GFRIEND is not a group that takes the titles of others.” They added, “We would like to follow the mood of Cool from back in the day.” Cool is a co-ed group that debuted in 1994 and has also released many summery songs.


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