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Aloha Buddies, need help

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Aloha Buddies,

Admins. tell me if this is inappropriate or need to be moved to another form. I have no other place to go and my people need all the help we can get.

Currently my people, the Kanaka Maoli(native Hawaiians) and the people of Hawai'i are under distress by a U.S. company, "Aloha Poke Co." that is using our language and culture trade marketing it as their own. That is cultural appropriation of the our people and our culture.

They are also claiming and trade marketing one of our beloved traditional dishes. The dish is "poke", pronounced poh-kay, which means to slice. It's a seafood dish that my ancestors ate while on fishing trips during the day. Both "aloha" and "poke" are not words that can just be marketed and sold just to make a few bucks. Many companies on the mainland U.S. have adapted this dish but the Aloha Poke Co. is suing all companies on the mainland U.S. and in Hawai'i for the use of "Aloha" and "Poke". Suing local restaurants and businesses that predate it by many years, even decades. Aloha is not just a word. It is a feeling, a sentiment, a way of life.

So if you could please help me and my people we would be very grateful to you all. Here's what can be done:

Visit and search "noalohapokeco". There's no exact page but you'll find tweets about this topic by many people from Hawai'i. Read and retweet. Get the message out there that these people need to be stopped. Get them to do the right thing.

Also, if you could visit and vote on the petition to get this company to remove "aloha' and "poke' from their.

Mahalo(thank you)

- Aloha Chingu



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