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[Translation | 1boon Kakao] [Interview] - This summer, I declare GFRIEND to be everyone’s girl group!

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A Refreshing GFRIEND in the hot summer

From Powerful Innocence to Passionate Sentimental.
Again with ‘Sunny Summer’
GFRIEND refreshingly transform.

SummerFRIEND along with the Sunny Sumer
An interview was conducted,

And now that story is revealed!


7th Summer Mini Album

Yuju & Umji: Before it was ‘Powerful Innocence’, then it was ‘Passionate Sentimental’ but this time, it’s Powerful Refreshing'. In addition to our emotional and sentimental songs, we wanted to show a refreshing side of GFRIEND that’s bright in the summer.
The more you listen to our songs, the more energy you get!


Sunny Summer

Yerin & SinB: The album name is ‘Sunny Summer’ which is also the title song’s name. With ‘Sunny Summer’ we want it to be the first song that people think of when people think of summer season songs. GFRIEND will be back as SummerFRIEND’.


Yeochin’s Summer Songs

Sowon & Eunha: Just like DEUX’s ‘In Summer’ and COOL’s ‘Aloha’, we want our song 'Sunny Sumer' to be loved throughout all 4 seasons.


‘Sunny Summery’ Words

Sowon & Yuju: We wish ‘여름여름해’ can become a buzz word. Say it when you feel like going out to play, or when you talk about stories in the summer.

Yerin, Eunha & SinB: Just like the lyrics ‘I’m feeling summery, shall we leave for somewhere’, we want people to be able to express their excitement.


Collaboration with Duble Sidekick

Yuju, Eunha & SinB: Not working with Iggy, Youngbae, we worked with Duble Sidekick for the first time. They’re composers who have written many of our favourite songs so we thought they were celebrities. We learned many things including their recording and vocal styles etc.


Member’s names written in the lyrics

Sowon, Umji & Yerin: Yerin is lonely’ ‘Into a mysterious place’ ‘thumbs up’ ‘into the galaxy’ ‘would you be my’ ‘ listen to my wish’. Through the lyrics, we were able to add more of our colours and charms into the song. We think it’s fun to sing out our parts every time they come up.



Umji: Regardless of the genre or vibe, the colour that fits GFRIEND the most would be ‘Sincerity’.

Sowon: We heard the words ‘ForLifeFRIENDin the sense that it contained our story in the song. We want to keep making stories and be a group that will last a long time.

2015 Yeochin, 2018 Yeochin

Yuju & Yerin: Just like when we first debuted, we still feel a sense of nervousness when releasing an album. What has changed and developed is that the members are now actively expressing their opinions and creating new things together.


Reversing into 1st

Sowon & Eunha: We were so happy on the night that our song 'Time for the Moon Night' was reversing on the charts that we checked it every hour. As it got higher in the charts, we got more confidence and happier. I think it was possible because it’s a song that doesn’t get old and unsuitable with. So with ‘Sunny Summer’, we hope that it’s loved for a long time irrespective of whether it’s still summer or not hahaha.


‘Produce48’ Trainees Cover Stage

Yuju & SinB: We also practiced a lot of cover stages of our sunbaes when we were trainees. So we know their minds. We thought the reproduction of ‘Love Whisper’ which was released in our 3rd year of debut, was great and we smiled until the end watching it.


Recommended Karaoke Songs.

Sowon: When 4minute’s ‘Crazy’ comes on while I’m in the car, I sing along to it with excitement. 
This song is the best to lift up the mood.

Umji: I go with SinB to the karaoke to sing trot a lot. I’ve got a memory where SinB sang so well that I was so surprised. I usually sing more recent songs.

Yerin: I like to sing ballads, especially songs by SeeYa Sunbae.


Number 1 Promise

All: Even though the weather is hot, we saw that the fans still came to the public broadcasts and recordings. So if we win 1st place, we’ll arrange an ice cream truck or a refreshing iced coffee truck.


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찬란하게 빛나던 시간이었다고 맑은 여름비처럼 고마웠었다고 - "It was a bright, shining moment.  Thanks for being a clear summer rain"


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