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[Translation | Hankook Ilbo] [Interview] GFRIEND returning as ’SummerFRIEND’, Dreaming of Image Changes.

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GFRIEND have challenging with 8 consecutive hits. This time, it’s with a summer song, ‘Sunny Summer’.

[Hong Hyemin Reporter]



Recently, GFRIEND met up with Star Korea through a press conference to celebrate their comeback said, “We prepared an album that is filled with a summer atmosphere with music that conveys the energy of summer.”

“Just like ‘Time for the Moon Night’ and ‘Rough’, GFRIEND’s colours have been emotional and sentimental, but we wanted to remind everyone that bright summer songs are also our colours.” (Umji)

After deciding to make a quick comeback with a summer just three months after their previous album ‘Time for the Moon Nigh’, GFRIEND expressed their confidence in their promotions despite the short preparation period and hectic promotions.

“I have never felt that any comeback was “this is good enough.” There’s always something that’s left to be desired, but we focused and prepare as much as we can to give a better performance.” (Yuju)

GFRIEND’s songs in this album include ‘Sweet’ which is charming, and ‘Windy Windy’ which the members themselves have described as the final version of the ‘windy song’ series.


With a strong summery vibe to this album, GFRIEND plans to give off a more cheerful charm through their title song ‘Sunny Summer’. GFRIEND explained that with this song, they hope that it’s easier to sing along to and is more exciting, and that they prepared a cheerful performance that was less energetic compared to their trademark powerful performances.

“There’s lots of cool choreography such as jumping among others in summer songs. When we first learned the choreography, I thought it was easier than our past choreography that we had been doing, we had to jump and run around for those so we needed a lot of stamina (Laughs). I like the idea that many of you will be able to follow along together in our new song. In fact, GFRIEND’s choreography in the past hasn’t been easy to follow. If the previous choreographies were hard to grasp, this time, there’s many places in the song where you can dance and sing along to, so I hope many people join in on the fun.” (Sowon)

After their debut in 2015, GFRIEND have been with the same composer ‘Iggy, Yongbae’ for a total of 3 years who have produced many hit songs. This time, they joined together to compose a b-side track for their Summer Mini Album.

“I was really surprised to learn that we would be working with Duble Sidekick. We were fascinated because they wrote a lot of our favourite hits, and we felt as if we were looking at a top celebrity. We thank them for taking for us so much, and even though it was our first project together, we learned a lot from it. If think their colour suits us perfectly.” (Sowon)


During these promotions, GFRIEND will be going up against several other girl groups such as Twice and Mamamoo releasing summer songs. They said “We want to create summer synergy together this summer because we’re already close friends who are promoting at the same time.”

On the question of how GFRIEND can differentiate their song, they said that it’s a ’song made for summer’. “If we were to differentiate our album, it would be that our song sounds like a summer song as soon as you hear it. The album itself is called ‘Sunny Summer’ It’s an album filled with summer songs, and we hope that it’s the first thing you can think of when thinking about summer.”

Ever since their debut with ‘Glass Bead’, to ‘Me Gustas Tu’, ‘Rough’, ‘Navillera’, and ‘Time for the Moon Night’ that were all popular, GFRIEND hesitantly expressed their desires about the charts saying “We’ve never had a song enter the MelOn chart at no. 1 yet”.

“We’ve never enter the MelOn chart at no. 1 yet. If you ask us whether we’d choose climbing the charts or being listened to a lot, we wouldn’t be able to choose as both make us happy. For our last song ‘Time for the Moon Night’, just like you said it reverse trended on the charts. We were so happy that we checked the charts every hour. As it slowly climbed up, we gained confidence and tried to perform even better on stage. ‘Time for the Moon Night’ is a non seasonal song, so we hope it stays loved for a long time through all 4 seasons.”


Already reaching the fourth year of debut, GFRIEND told us that they still get nervous before every comeback as they gain new fans with every new album. “We’re aiming to become a group that people can always look forward to”, the members said, “There are so many things that we want to show but haven’t yet.”

“We want to challenge a variety of things in the future. We’re not going to do it if it’s completely ridiculous, but if we mix it up with the strengths of GFRIEND altogether, we can do anything. Maybe we could try an overflowing girl crush concept one day.” (Laughs)



찬란하게 빛나던 시간이었다고 맑은 여름비처럼 고마웠었다고 - "It was a bright, shining moment.  Thanks for being a clear summer rain"


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