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[Translation | Herald Pop] GFRIEND is multi-coloured, We want to become 'SummerFRIEND' with 'Sunny Summer'.

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GFRIEND is multi-coloured, We want to become 'SummerFRIEND' with 'Sunny Summer'.

[Herald POP = Go Seungah Reporter]



The season of summer is inseparable with the group GFRIEND. From 2015 onwards, they’ve comeback with many songs in the summer including ‘Navillera’, ‘Love Whisper’, and ‘Me Gustas Tu’. This year, GFRIEND are also presenting a summer mini album called ‘Sunny Summer’, which fits summer perfectly. Especially, they have transformed into a “Powerful Refreshing” GFRIEND adding the essence of summer to their unique concept of ‘Powerful Innocence’.

Before their comeback, GFRIEND was interviewed at a cafe in Seongsu-dong, Seongdong-gu, Seoul on the 17th, returning within 3 months after ‘Time for the Moon Night’.


“I think GFRIEND is a group with different colours. In our previous song, we showed a song that was ‘Passionate Sentimental’ which was loved by a lot of people. This time, we wanted to show people our bright songs.” (Umji)

“We’re making a comeback in the summer, and it’s nice to see everyone so soon. I hope that many people will listen to the song and be cheered up.” (SinB)

This album is a summer mini album, so it was filled with songs full of summer feels. Starting with the title song ‘Sunny Summer’, which has a somewhat tropical vibe, ‘Sweety’ is about a fresh first love, ‘Windy Windy’ is a song about a summer night filled with exciting feelings, ‘Vacation’ has exciting brass, and ‘Love in The Air’ is a SynthPop song.

Umji confidently said, “We’re releasing a summer mini album with a title song called ‘Sunny Summer’. We’re definitely aiming for the summer. Haha. I hope it’s the first song you can think of when it comes to summer. Since the songs were made to target summer, I think you’ll be able to enjoy it. Maybe now in summer, GFRIEND will come to everyone’s mind first.”


The title song is called ‘Sunny Summer’. It is a cool pop dance song featuring a summery atmosphere with the lively cuteness of GFRIEND and an addictive chorus. It is a cool pop dance song that mixes refreshing vocals with funky rhythms. Especially this time, they worked with hit song maker Duble Sidekick.

Yuju said, “We made this song with Duble Sidekick. We put a lot of focus into the lyrics. We even put our names into the lyrics of ‘Sunny Summer’. It was easier to memorise with our names in it. (Laughs). I changed the part (would you be my~) to ‘Yuju be my’ but it sounded awkward.”

Umji also said, “I think we can show GFRIEND’s youthful and refreshing appearance. In particular, I think this performance has the easiest choreography and anyone can follow. I think many of you will be energised by it. 


As we’re coming back in summer, I made a big change in my style. Yerin pointed to her shortened bangs and said, “I challenged choppy bangs!” “I’ve never cut it short before, and I think it's a concept that goes well with the summer sun. The bangs are beautiful, aren't they?"

Eunha also challenged with a bold hair colour, “One of my life goals was to try out highlighted hair colours, and wanted to do a cool blue colour for this album. It somehow turned green, but I’m still happy and satisfied with it”.


GFRIEND who made their debut with ‘Glass Bead’ in January 2015 has just arrived in their 4th year of debut. It was not a group that people first noticed. Rather, they caught attention with a fancam of them performing ‘Me Gustas Tu’ and succeeded in going viral and doing a reverse trend. After that, the continued actives by continuous releasing ‘Rough’, ‘Navillera’, ‘FINGERTIP’, ‘Love Whisper’, and ‘Summer Rain’. In May, they made their official debut in Japan and made them even more popular.

Asked on whether it was difficult to do that ’10 day’ trip, Umji paused for a moment and said, ‘Doesn’t everyone get tired of their jobs at some moment? If we said we didn’t have times when we were tired, that’d be a lie. However, I always encourage the members so I don’t get tired my self and also heals me.

“As we’ve said over and over again, we have a group of fans who are very supportive of us. I want to be a better person. I want to be physically and mentally healthy.”

“We usually make comebacks in the summer, but this time we got more greedy with the nickname ‘SummerFRIEND’. This album has several summer vacation songs. So we hope we can be an entertainer that people want go on a vacation with together."

GFRIEND will be releasing their summer mini album ‘Sunny Summer’ at 6pm on the 19th and do full-scale promotions with their title song ‘Sunny Summer’. A more powerful GFRIEND is expected to return to us as ‘SummerFRIEND’ this summer.



찬란하게 빛나던 시간이었다고 맑은 여름비처럼 고마웠었다고 - "It was a bright, shining moment.  Thanks for being a clear summer rain"


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