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[SOOMPI] GFRIEND’s Umji And ASTRO’s Sanha To Become MCs For New Show Aimed At Teens

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SBS MTV’s “Yogobara,” a new show aimed at teens, have selected GFRIEND’s Umji and ASTRO’s Sanha to be the MCs!

“Yogobara” stands for “the outside lives of high school students nowadays,” and the show will peek into the lives of teens today while working with them to address their concerns. As the first MCs of this new program, GFRIEND’s youngest member Umji and ASTRO’s Yoon Sanha were said to be incredibly determined.

GFRIEND’s Umji said she had the ability to deliver various information to teens as she had confidence in knowing about their beauty trends and lifestyles. ASTRO’s Sanha was confident he was able to relate to teens better than anyone else because at the age of 19 (Korean age), he is also a teenager. He is also receiving much love from the audience of variety shows for showing off his cute charms and portraying the refreshing qualities that only teens can have.

The two MCs will share their daily lives in full detail while also having conversations about their beauty, fashion, and lifestyles.

“Yogobara” will be a program that allows viewers to relate with teenagers’ real worries. The program will receive submissions of these concerns through social media sites in order to increase the accessibility to teenagers already accustomed to such mobile and internet mediums.

SBS MTV’s “Yogobara” will premiere on July 29.


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