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[Translation | OSEN] GFRIEND, Duble Sidekick Working Together... Title Song 'Sunny Summer'

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Group GFRIEND released their title track of their Summer Mini Album called ‘Sunny Summer’.

[OSEN = Jung Jiwon Reporter]



GFRIEND released the track list of their Summer Mini Album ‘Sunny Summer’ through official SNS at midnight on the 10th, warming up the atmosphere for a comeback.

The list of tracks released includes cool and refreshing summer music such as the title song ‘Sunny Summer’ as well as ‘Vacation’, ‘Sweety’, ‘Windy Windy’, and ‘Love in the Air’. It is evident that this album will be filled with cool and refreshing summer music that will surely attract attention.

The title song ‘Sunny Summer’ is GFRIEND’s first ever work with producer Duble Sidekick. It is the cool and refreshing charm of GFRIEND that will blow away the heat this summer.

In particular, the first meeting of 'Summer Queen' GFRIEND with Duble Sidekick who have made many summer hits has attracted the attention of music fans. 

GFRIEND made their debut in 2015 and also released ‘Me Gustas Tu’ in summer of that year, ‘Navillera’ in 2016, and ‘Love Whisper’ in 2017. Expectations are high for the synergy between GFRIEND and Duble Sidekick, who have produced a number of summer hits such as Sistar’s ‘Give it to me’, ‘Shake It’, and ‘Loving U’ as well as Girls’ Day’s ‘Darling and ‘Something’.

GFRIEND Summer Mini album ‘Sunny Summer’ is filled with cool and refreshing music that will cool of the hot summer sunshine which is produced by Duble Sidekick and other well-known producers like Iggy, Yongbae, MI.O, Noh Joohwang, and BOOMBASTIC.

Meanwhile, GFRIEND releases their Summer Mini Album ‘Sunny Summer’ at 6pm on the 19th and will start full scale promotions with the title song ‘Sunny Summer’.



찬란하게 빛나던 시간이었다고 맑은 여름비처럼 고마웠었다고 - "It was a bright, shining moment.  Thanks for being a clear summer rain"


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