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GFriend Sunny Summer composed by Duble Side kick! Let's get to know more about them

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GFriend will make a summer comeback this july 19! And finally today July 10th, GFriend revealed the title tracks for their Summer Mini album.

The title track 여름여름해 (Sunny Summer) was composed and written by Duble Sidekick and Black Edition.

Let's acknowledge first who is the new composer who worked with GFriend. Duble Side kick is a producer and songwriter duo consisting of Park Jangeun and Kim Jeung Seung. The started during 2010 and became famous and well known producer during 2012.


So Duble Sudekick became really popular during 2012 -2016 era. They are already called like one of legendary producers in the kpop industry! For new kpop fans, they are well known for many produced song and albums from famous artists like


Girls Day

And many more..


Those group are already legendary right! But how can we sure if Duble sidekick is really good. Can we trust their music? Now, let's take a look in every achievements that those group received during their promotions.

Duble Sidekick produced one of Mblaq song, This is war. The song was released during 2012 and gained a lot of attention. The song won 2 times in music shows.

Then Duble sidekick started to become famous producer in that year.



Next is Sistar. Duble Sidekick produce the song Give It To Me during 2013 and won 11 times in music shows. Including 2 triple crown.




Also their song, Shake It won 5 times and Loving U 1  win.


Kwill's song You don't know love composed by Duble Sidekick was released on 2013, also won 3 times in music shows.


Duble sidekick compose a song for Apink too. The song, Mr. Chu was released in 2014 and became a hit. They had 6 wins in different music shows.



Next is Kara. Kara released the song during 2015. The song Mamma Mia was composed by Duble Sidekick too. They won and earned only only 1 trophy in a music show.

Even Girls day with their song Darling was released in 2015, and won 3 times in music shows, and their song Something released in 2014 won 6 times too.



The latest will be from Mamamoo, Youre the best that was released in 2016. The song became a hit and won 8 times in music shows.




For sure GFriend song will hit daebak too! As we've seen great groups from past generations, they are successful with Duble Sidekick's songs despite of big competitions. With Buddy's support and cheer, we can gave them a simple yet meaningful moment. Let's prepare for their upcoming comeback and show them the love of Buddies!



How about you Buddy! What can you say about another new composer for GFriend?


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thanks for the info. I always welcome new composers for Gfriend :) seems like with Gfriend's huge popularity, many great producers want to work with them. that's also what makes me happy. and looking at this composer's track record, I'm sure it will be an another great song for summer :D



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