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I’ve meant to post tis a month ago,but I was too busy and couldn’t find the right images.(Since I can't upload mine coz of internet traffic getting worse day by day)


After reading so many fan theories and watching a dozen of TFTMN related videos,I've decided to share with you what my theory of the story is.

@Buddies_art recently created a theory of TFTMN considering relations to other GFriend MVs.It's so convincing and detailed that i'm not quite sure my theory is good enough.

Be sure to check the topic if you haven't yet:



The reason i'm creating this topic is because of what GFriend members said at Live SBS Power FM Park So Hyun's Love Game.They gave us a hint that it was related to other GFriend music videos.They also gave a hint about their dance.Eunha's part in the beginning and SinB's part at the end.


Remember when they shot Umji when she said there was a connection between Eunbi line?

That's why i'm saying this MV could be related to Fingertip.

So what was the connection between Eunbi line in Fingertip?They were twins;Eunha as Apollo the Greek mythical god of the sun and SinB as Artemis who the Greek believed to be in charge of the moon.It's the same in TFTMN.

Image result for gfriend fingertip orion

But why is Eunha so depressed in the MV?Why did she close the curtains?Why was she almost invisible at the end?

remember the tape Yerin was listening to? There was written "2006/03/29" on it.If you google that,you will realize that day an eclipse happened.(Which I clearly can’t read because I don’t know Korean,but some buddies were talking about it when the 2nd teaser came.)

So basically the story is like this:An eclipse happened.Eunha was alone and confused.She couldn't find her way home,but then,SinB as the moon appears with her stars at the night and greets Eunha.The moon is always stuck in darkness so she knows the darkness well.

Image result for gfriend time for the moon night

Eunha and SinB were twins;they used to be close clearly.But due to many things they drifted apart.Eunha had to keep the position of the Sun,While SinB would do her job as the moon.You can clearly see in the beginning of the music video that SinMoon walks on the road to take position,and takes a look at the Sunset, looking rather nervous.That’s because she misses EunSun,but also kind of feels like something is going wrong.


In the end of the video we see Eunha rather invisible.Her makeup is also filled with black and brown eyeshadows,looking back at the camera(Which gives me goosebumps and nostalgia of vampire associated and goth films,but I don’t think it’s anything related.)Anyway,Eunha’s makeup looks similar to an eclipse.It only affirms the fact Eunha is trapped in a dark world which she doesn’t belong to.

Image result for gfriend time for the moon night eunha

There are some other things that i'm not also sure about...but I think Sowon,Yerin,Yuju and Umji are also mythical goddesses individually.But in the scene when they greeted Eunha with SinB,they could be also the stars at the night.

Here is my theory of their positions:


 It fits.Sowon is the leader and the mother of the group,being there when other members were in pain,comforting them,and hiding the fact that she was in pain about Eunha too. Hera was the queen of all the Greek gods and goddesses. She was often thought of as being wise and serious.Hera’s job was to take care of the family.

We see Sowon taking care of other GFriend members (especially Yerin) in the MV so I believe Sowon is GFriend’s Hera.

 gif, sowon, and gfriend image


I’m not quite sure about Yerin’s position.She can be Aphrodire,the goddess of love,because she is the most hurt,she can be Clio the goddess of history for remembering things in the past,or she couldalso be Orion.In original myths,Orion was  Artemis’s love.But my opinion is that Yerin is stuck in a love triangle in Fingertip,as SinB loved her,but she loved Eunha,so she tried to trick SinB to go back to Eunha.

This could be the reason why she listens to tapes about eclipses and crys.

 Image result for yerin night gif


I’m not sure about Yuju either.She could also either be Clio or Hades(Or Pandora?).But she is visiting the grave and Hades was the mythical god of underground or afterlife.They clouldn’t make a set with some skeletons and a Cerberus ,right?Haha~Well,I don’t know flowers well,but What Yuju is carrying with herself looks like narcissus(Which was one of Hades’s symbols.)

But then Yuju shouts and calls the other GFriend members.Maybe to send them a massage?

 Image result for yuju moon night gif


Hermes was the messenger of mythical Greek gods.Umji was trying to send a massage with her paper planes.It makes sense.But also there is Iris who also was the personification of the rainbow and messenger of the gods.My opinion is that Umji is Hermes,because in Fingertip,she stole people’s spirits.Hermes was also a symbol for thives.But she also was the only one to look for a rainbow in Summer rain.But Hermes was the one that they considered their lucky charm,and that’s Umji’s position in GFriend.

Image result for umji fingertip gif

We could say Umji is Hermes and Yuju is Iris.Iris was not a normal messenger.She was the one who linked Earth to heaven and afterlife.In the last parts of the MV,Yuju lets what looks like a dozen helium ballons go.It could be considered a massage that everything is okay.And Umji is the only one who sees this.

 Image result for umji night gif

Image result for umji rain gif

So,as I said before,I’m not quite sure my theories are true.This is just a fan theory.What do you think of GFriend’s MV?Please let me know if you have any other ideas about our members' roles.


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