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GFRIEND Yuju Digital Single <Love Rain> Recording Site Behind

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GFRIEND Yuju Digital Single <Love Rain> Recording Site Behind

Hello Buddies! It's Buddys' first time visiting the Official Photo Bulletin Board right?
Today, I went on a special outing (Because the weather was so nice to listen to Love Rain with)

Suddenly you came to me, Wordlessly passing by
The voice of Yuju that can’t be avoided even if you run away
Now let’s go an see the recording session of Love Rain, which has hit our eardrums!


The P L A C E where the sun shines and is as warm as Yuju’s eyes

It’s at the recording studio, what is Yuju thinking about here?


As soon as she saw the camera, she was like this!!

(Yuju-nim is looking beautiful today as well…)


Not forgetting to take polaroids for Buddies


The scenery that’s as beautiful as Buddies… Yuju will take it all…

~ Hoarding ~


Yuna The Angel!!!!!!!! The Greatest gift in my life!!!!!


Yuna’s laughter is more precious than the sun…

Recording the teal looks more refreshing…


Buddys’ hearts never stop…

You can’t help but love… Yuju’s appearance is beautiful and doesn’t get boring to see…


Are you proud of the hot polaroid that I took on the recording day?

Any Buddy want it~? (Hehet~~~)


Now Yuju went straight back to recording again!

The headphone holding appearance with the gaze of a GOD…


Yuju’s appearance is of pro among pros!


Time to get out of the recording room

It’s a foul to have this kind of atmosphere while looking at the lyrics again, a foul!


Isn’t this white shirt a perfect match?

Yuju is working so professionally that I have no words to say


So what kind of lyrics is Yuju writing about seriously?

Take a look at Yuju’s writing with a pen


Then she fixes her eyes at the camera (For her to keep staring at me… is a foul…)

Who looks cool and cute? (A. Yuju~~!!!)


Yuju unnie, Yuju noona, our Yuna is everything

Yuju working and staring at the camera happily puts a smile on my face as well!


Lastly, another good photo of Yuju

It’s a perfect match isn’t it?


Did you enjoy seeing the recording site of Yuju’s first solo single ‘Love Rain’?

I didn’t lose my energy because the song was filled with sentiments

Just as I had a great time in the recording room, which was fun and full of emotions, listen to Yuju’s voice this summer!



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찬란하게 빛나던 시간이었다고 맑은 여름비처럼 고마웠었다고 - "It was a bright, shining moment.  Thanks for being a clear summer rain"


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