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GFriend-related survey results

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I just want to share with you the results of the survey I conducted last 2018 June 12.
Only a percentage of International fans answered of course. But this time, I was able to include a few of the KBuddy population thru the fan cafe.

This is just a preview ^^~

For the full presentation, visit this link: GFriend survey results


After the presentation, our teacher asked all of us to rank the presentations according to the criteria set.
There were presentations that were done in pair and 4 of us did it alone.
And with this, since I was able to present the results well (as voted by our classmates), my teacher gave me a small token.


It might be a simple gift, but for me is a big achievement since I was able to show to them my enthusiasm with GFriend
and mainly because, I did the presentation in Korean, which is not my mother language :")
This is me hitting 2 birds with 1 stone.

Thank you to both kBuddies and iBuddies who made this possible. :BeastToss-30:

This is for us and our beloved GFriend :e1:

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