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Hey everyone! Recently, I wrote a bit of a theory detailing what I think goes on inside the MV. While the "Eunha is dead/a mental patient" theory is definitely alluring in a dark manner, I find that they don't really explain some of the things in the MV. Please take a look and let me know your thoughts! You'll have to forgive me for not including MV images though; that'd really make the post too long and it's long enough as it is. Let me know what you think, and enjoy!


The Main Story: This MV is the story of a girl who undergoes a tough breakup and though she dreams and hopes it could go differently, is eventually confronted by harsh reality, which she seeks to escape.

The Premises: Each premise is central to this theory and I’ll explain how each are proven.

  1. In the story, the moon represents the ideal situation Eunha chases after, but can’t reach.

    This is supported by the moon being covered up and replaced at times (more on that later)
    As well, the moon shows at night and is also unreachable.
  2. Every girl except Eunha is a manifestation of her personality/mentality. Think like “Inside Out”, Joy, Anger, etc. all influencing the character.

    This is a huge assumption to make, so I’ll explain the exact thought process.
    1. First, literally all of them are sad. It’d make sense if they all had something happen to them, but… that never seems to show, while the breakup is referenced by the lyrics.

    2. Secondly, the lyrics only reference a breakup; nothing else. So there is only one event to focus on that is causing all this pain.

    3. Third, I’d be astounded if all of them have broken up with someone all at the same time; their actions don’t really match up, like with Yuju at the gravesite, Umji throwing around paper airplanes, Yerin listening to old tapes, etc.

    4. Furthermore, Umji’s planes say “I love mom” and Yerin’s tape says “family trip”. Clearly, that’s not referencing a breakup.

    5. In the MV analysis, I’ll explain each of their actions, because their actions are an accurate reflection of the trait they represent.

    6. Since they all have a consistent, active character (unlike Eunha, who seems to be a passive character), I realized that each one represents one trait only.

    7. Therefore, the breakup and stuff must have happened to Eunha, and each one represents a part of her personality. They demonstrate the internal conflict that follows the breakup.

  3. Each girl represents a trait of Eunha’s personality/mentality.

    1. As mentioned earlier, their actions all line up with one specific trait. I will explain in the MV analysis.

    2. For now, here are the traits each member represents.

      1. Sowon = hope

      2. Yerin = grief

      3. Yuju = acceptance

      4. Sinb = reality

      5. Umji = innocence

    3. This is really important to the theory, so please keep it in mind.

MV Analysis: Now that the premises are out of the way, let’s begin going through the MV.

  1. Opening: The opening scene shows Eunha in white, staring out of a window. Sowon is also staring out of the glass elevator, and this shows Eunha is hopeful. But when the breakup happens, the curtains close, and Sowon closes her eyes. At this moment, hope is lost, at least momentarily. We watch Sowon open her eyes again as Eunha rekindles her hopes as she escapes/ignores reality to dream. SinB, representing reality, starts her journey down the road to find Eunha and bring her back.

  2. Verse 1: These shots actually serve to solidify what each character represents. Yerin is shown as sitting (and feeling) down, which, well… she’s grieving. Eunha is definitely a passive character - she watches fishes all while daydreaming. Umji throws around paper planes, but here’s the important part: All the bits referencing families like “I love mom”, “Family trip”, etc. are red herrings. Otherwise, rip most of GFriend’s families. In fact, the phrase “I love mom” has nothing to do with the video or the breakup - it’s only a childlike statement to prove that Umji displays Eunha’s innocence. Similarly, Yuju wanders about the woods, looking troubled and lost, but she, representing acceptance, shows that Eunha is not yet ready to accept what has happened.

  3. Chorus: Like many have guessed, this is a flashback scene. This is a throwback to when Eunha was still enjoying her relationship, and everything was together. Why do we know this? Because Eunha is sitting and smiling with SinB. Remember that SinB represents reality - therefore, both Eunha and SinB are in sync, having a good time. All her inner personalities are also having a good time as a result of this, giving further credence to the idea that they’re part of Eunha - affected by what she does and how she feels. Oscar nominee Yerin’s crying scene further reinforces her assigned trait of grief, and Sowon comforting her shows how Eunha is attempting to push away her grief with optimism and hope.

  4. Verse 2: Here is where things start to change, as Eunha begins to accept what has happened. First, Umji comes down from the monkey bars, which were like a safe place to house her innocence. That innocence has began to come to terms with the breakup as well. Yuju lays flowers and the present at the grave. What the present is isn’t important; rather, it is again a representation of Eunha becoming more accepting of the situation, as the grave represents the death of that relationship. At the end of this verse, we’re served with another flashback scene. This flashback goes all the way back to the start of her relationship. Confused about her feelings, her inner personas come find her, with SinB at the lead. The reality at the time is that she’s in a relationship, and everything is happy during it. Yay. Although it might seem out of place, and a strange point to analyze, I think the flashbacks are here to really emphasize the differences in during the relationship and after the relationship aka during the MV.

  5. Chorus 2: Half the chorus was explained, and in the next half we watch Yerin demonstrating that grief again. Along comes Sowon to try and cheer her up, and as she does, all the other personas are happy, albeit briefly.

  6. Bridge: IMO the most important part. Yuju releases balloons. At first, this doesn’t seem like much, but it shows that Eunha is giving up on that hope of the ideal. This is real acceptance. As we continue, we watch SinB running out of somewhere to find Eunha. At this point, SinB opens the door, and Eunha wakes up; reality catches up to her, and she has to wake up to reality and accept the situation.

  7. Chorus 3 (first half): Here’s where the first premise comes into play again. Eunha now accepts her situation, but still doesn’t want to confront reality. As the MV progresses, there is now a lot of lightning and thunder, as mentioned in their MV commentary themselves, and shown in a few scenes. The scene where they’re all sitting together while lights flashed were originally thought to be cameras, but during their commentary they mentioned it was lightning. We’ll take it as a sign to represent the inner turmoil going on. We now get a group shot with Eunha playing games with the other members, though looking noticeably upset. This is because first, she’s in sync with all her feelings and personas again after accepting the reality, but she doesn’t want to be here. Yuju yells from the top of a mountain, wanting Eunha to just accept it and move on, and Sowon, stands with lightning in the background. At this point, Eunha gives up hope as well.

  8. Chorus 3 (second half): The reason for splitting these two is because this is where it gets really, really weird. I couldn’t really understand this at first, but my theory here is that Eunha surrounds herself with distractions to avoid all her personas and continue chasing that dream relationship. There is no moon around, but when she wakes up the second time there are lights all around her. Each one represents another desire, another daydream, another dead end that won’t lead anywhere. But Eunha doesn’t care. She’ll surround herself with the distractions, if only to get away from her true feelings. And that’s why the others can’t find or reach her. She’s deliberately avoiding them to distract herself from the pain that acceptance ultimately brings.

  9. Ending: During the ending instrumental, we get the conclusion of the story. Umji’s planes are scattered everywhere, showing innocence in an eternal, frozen state. This is because as she chases fruitless dreams to replace the moon she couldn’t reach, Eunha can still maintain that innocence. That’s why everything is frozen. But for the others, Yuju’s flowers wilt, acceptance being ignored. SinB and reality leave behind an empty road; they catch up to Eunha but to no avail, for she ignores it. As Eunha looks back, she acknowledges the reality one final time; no lamp can compare to the moon that she knows is out there. This is even reflected in the choreo - Eunha starts the dance, and as the song progresses she loses her hope and accepts reality, hence SinB ending the song.


    With this information in mind, it’s evident that all of this story takes place in Eunha’s head as she explores her own feelings after a traumatic breakup. The flashback scenes shows us how the traits act in happy times so that we can distinguish between them during the relationship and after the breakup. Each member shows another emotion, and we find that Eunha starts as an innocent, hopeful girl who soon loses that, but can’t accept reality. Her hopes continue to override her grief and pain until reality catches up and she’s forced to accept it, at which point she loses all hope and tries to distract herself. It doesn’t work, and she ends up needing to come face to face with reality anyways. She started the MV in a white dress, and ended it in a black jacket. That innocence, while frozen, can never be permanent. Therefore, thanks to these clues and how each character in the MV shows only one trait in line with all their actions, I can conclude that everything is in Eunha’s head, each member represents different traits in her mentality, and that this is a sad story about confused feelings after a breakup.

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Really good theory nice to see different point of view. I already read all different theory (including mine) but this is different and i like it.

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