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[Spotlight] Happy TwoEunbi Day Support Project Highlight! Wreath art design by Fakhri Ilham from Indonesia.

3 posts in this topic's Happy Two Eunbi Day highlight!

In preparation for Two Eunbi Day birthday project, GFSquad held another special event for every Buddy fan artists. Our main goal is to feature Buddy's artistic skills wherein every fanartist will be on spotlight!

It is important for us to share every Buddy's precious talent for them to get a recognition from everyone especially to GFriend. Now, GFSquad will be looking for Buddy fan artist who has potential and can able to make an artistic banner for GFriend!



Gfsquad members or Buddies who have participated and for those who sent their fanarts in the previous birthday projects or within this year will be an entry and will have a chance to get on spotlight too! We will also look for Buddies who are actively supporting GFriend as well. Buddies are always welcome to join this project!




This time, get to know one of the best fan artist in Buddy community! Under Two Eunbi Birthday Project highlight is one of great fan artist, @FakhriIlham Who designed the charity wreath art for SinB!




@FakhriIlham a professional artist from Jakarta Indonesia, a nice hardworking Buddy and very passionate in his works! Check some of his great masterpiece and GFriend fanarts on his Instagram!


Now, let's start the interview!

Q: GFSquad community are very glad to know you. We are thankful you accepted our offer to feature your masterpiece that is dedicated for GFriend SinB. It really impressed us as well together with Buddies, how are you feeling today?

First thing first, I want to say thank you to GFSquad for thrusting and choosing me to join this project. I’m on incredible feeling now. (This issue is still have so much RT on my Twitter account, OMG I’m so blessed XD)






Q. You're a very professional artist! Tell us more about your personal life or your other interests besides GFriend!
Thank you for saying that. Now I’m currently working as an illustrator and story writer on Ciayo Comics. A webtoon platform from Jakarta, Indonesia. My webtoon series title is “My Emo Boyfriend” (if you guys can understand and read Indonesian language, go check my webtoon! ^_^). 



I also a vocalist on my band, it’s called INVINITIUM ( if you guys have a guts to watch my band MV, go to youtube and watch!) Hahaha.



Q. First of all, before doing those interests and as a professional artist, how did you became a fan of GFriend? When it all started?

Gfriend took my soul since I saw Rough on youtube. Their making my heart beat 1/32. All of Gfriend members are charming. They kill me by everything that they have and walla…I’m become a buddy and kneel before them.


Q. As a Buddy, is there other things like hobbies, interests that you passionately do (or wanted to do in the future) in supporting GFriend? 

I want to make a comic based on Gfriend’s members and songs. I hope I can do that in the future. Here’s I put the illustration concept, Gfriend in Medieval era.


Q. As you all loved the members, who is your favorite the most? And why?

I do I love all of the members. But I blame Eunha for every cute scenes  that she have done to us. I was a very thought man back then, until Eunha come to my life and ruining the great wall my heart. T___T ( Ps. Eunha please don’t be a cute girl anymore…I can’t hold this anymore.)

Q. Is there other Buddy fanartist or other graphic/illustrators outside the fandom that you impressed with? Can you name some of them!

Buddies_art the one and only Gfriend’s fanartist that I follow. Frankly speaking I don’t really remember  the name of Gfriend’s fanartist, but i think I know some of their artworks. Can you guys gimme some recommendation?

Q. If you will choose an era that you like the most from GFriend, certainly what era and songs from that album that is your favorite?

Snowflake era. because Rough is like a baptism song for me. It’s dark yet sweet.


Q. Is there any memorable moment you experienced or unforgettable happenings that made you happy as a Buddy and from GFriend?

I’m so happy when I attending mini concert of Gfriend at MusicBank Jakarta! I even printed my own T-shirts and wear it with my friends. The T-shirt has a word printed on it, “PACARNYA GFRIEND” that means “Boyfriend of Gfriend” *lol 
*We are a “maniac” fanboy don’t we?


Q. Lastly, do you have any message to aspiring fanartist Buddies, to all beginners or wanted to become a Buddy fanartist in the future?

Don’t worry if you can’t buy Gfriend’s official stuff, like album or anything else. You can show your support to them by make some fanart with anything you have! Be creative and stay positive. Keep your drawing tools busy to draw Gfriend because you’re walk in a right way.

Now, give a shoutout to every Buddy!!



We are happy to know you @FakhriIlham Buddy! Indeed, your talent is really amazing and proud as Buddy! Thank you for having here in GFSquad community and in this fandom. Buddy jjang! 

To all aspiring Buddy fanartist! You can join and share your arts to us! Feel free to posts and make a lot of fanarts about GFriend! Keep supporting GFriend and anticipate more of our upcoming birthday projects!😄


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Great job buddy!! Feels awesome to be working with you side by side on this project. Glad to meet you fellow Art buddy @FakhriIlham =) 


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Wow the interview is soooo fun! You did a SinB fanart despite of being an Eunha bias haha thanks for sharing your talent here in GFS ^^ 

I'm looking forward on your artworks ^^



새롭게 시작해 볼래 그리고                우릴 아프게 했던 시간들은 다시는 없을 거야 ~ 

 Let’s start fresh, you and me                 Times that hurt us will never come back again 

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