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Hello, we are Gfriend's Spotify Underground!



We are the newest fanbase for Gfriend! We are dedicated to the updates, activities, & streaming of the group on the Spotify platform our official account is on Twitter feel free to follow us there as well.

Our main goals are to improve activities on the website/app to help increase Gfriend's international growth and income for future comebacks. We are getting ready to reveal our first project which is 1M Moon Nights


From this we wish to recieve 1M monthly listeners in one month


Who are Monthly Listeners?


Monthly listeners are unique listeners who play your music during a 28-day period. This stat updates every day, and appears on both your artist profile on Spotify and right above the timeline graph in the Audience section of Spotify for Artists.

2 important things to clarify about your monthly listeners:

They’ve listened within a rolling window of 28 days. We use a rolling window of 28 days because the number of days in a calendar month can vary, and because people listen to music differently depending on the day of the week. This means an equal number of days of the week are included—so, the same number of Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, etc.
They are unique listeners. If someone plays your music multiple times in a 28-day period, they only get counted once.
Tracking trends using your monthly listeners timeline can give you a good idea of how your music is performing over longer periods of time, and can also help you understand overall engagement and listening behavior after a new release. For more immediate changes with a higher level of detail, keep an eye on your number of daily listeners.


information from: Spotify For Artist


Currently as the month of May ends, Gfriend currently sits on 642,213 and will most likely soon reset

Many buddies have worked hard, but we only started this a week prior to end of the 28 days


we hope those who are able to use Spotify will join us and aid in this project has it will take many of us to complete


Gfriend's Spotify Page


* Spotify is available in certain countries. It can be found on your app store, desktop download, and web player


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