[Translation | OSEN] [Direct Interview] GFRIEND “Happy with 10 wins on Music Shows, Proud that we Broadened our Spectrum”

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[OSEN = Sun Minkyung Reporter]



Girl group GFRIEND was successful one again.  Their solid growth was proven through the ‘Power of a  Good Song’.  It was GFRIEND that reversed back in top 1st place on the charts, and achieved 10 music show wins.

GFRIEND added another trophy for 1st place for ‘Time for the Moon Night’ on SBS’s ‘Inkigayo’ on the afternoon of the 20th.  GFRIEND got 10 wins on music shows alone with ‘Time for the Moon Night’.  GFRIEND started off from the 9th on cable channel SBS MTV’s ‘The Show’, MBC Music’s ‘Show! Champion’, Mnet’s ‘MCountdown’, KBS 2TV’s ‘Music Bank’, and MBC’s Show! Music Core.  They were the first ones this year to achieve a music show Grand Slam.

GFRIEND expressed their heartfelt feelings with OSEN this afternoon, and said they were grateful to for fans’ love towards ‘Time for the Moon Night’.  GFRIEND said that they showed good results on music show performances and the music charts.  On their thoughts, they said: “We had a longer than usual hiatus compared to previous promotions so we were very nervous and were preparing very hard.  We’re so grateful and happy that we’ve received so much love.”

‘Time for the Moon Night’ has a special meaning for GFRIEND.  This time, they weren’t working with Iggy, Youngbae who have been with the since debut, but instead partnered up with Noh Joohwan.  It was with ‘Time for the Moon Night’ that earned them the #1 spot on MelOn, Korea’s largest music streaming platform, due to it’s addictiveness.  It was a meaningful achievement with their new partner.

GFRIEND gave their thoughts on why ‘Time for the Moon Night’ is so popular: “‘Time for the Moon Night’ seems like a song that can touch your heart and make you feel something when you listen to it.  Everyone has different emotions but they like ‘Time for the Moon Night’, so I think many people who’ve listened to it have felt something at least once.”  They also cheekily added “If you haven’t felt anything yet, please listen to it one more time.”


“Through this promotion, we wanted to broaden the team’s musical and stage spectrum.  It’s pretty meaningful since it this was realised a bit.  And in the future, GFRIEND will have the strength to come up with even more courageous challenges”, they said as they expressed their pride of succeeding this promotion.

Above all, GFRIEND wasn’t only proud of ‘Time for the Moon Night’, but also of their elements of performance which attracted great attention.  GFRIEND were loved for their “Power Innocence”, where a powerful performance was added to a innocent girls’ emotions, but they completely threw that away and showed a new concept of “Passionate Sentimental” which is a combination of emotion and fierce performances.

GFRIEND said “We’re proud of the love received for ‘Time for the Moon Night’, but even more so for the great interest people showed for our performances.  Most of all, we’re proud of everyone saying that they’re looking forward to GFRIEND as a team in the future.”

GFRIEND finished their ‘Time for the Moon Night’ activities today and are preparing for Japanese promotions.  They will debut in Japan, proving the strength of Kpop girl groups once again.

They finished off with “Unfortuantely that was our last broadcast #Buddy #TFTMN10thWin We will never forget the precious memories with Buddies during this promotion.  We’ll keep the memories of today secretly in our room tonight.  We won’t meet as often now, but we still love you.”




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GodFRIEND who reversed on the charts and got 10 wins on music shows, winning 100% of the ones they were nominated in, and now they're off to Japan!  Good work, and I hope you develop into an even better GFRIEND in the future!

+69, -7
Their songs are always good, but this was is REALLY good~

+82, -34
GFRIEND is now an artist that transcends the limits of an idol.  Since IU and girl group SNSD, this is the first time I've felt that they're not an idol but really an artist.  The sincerity of their music.  Not just simple dance moves with a hook song, but real music.  When I look at the album, even the B-sides are all title song class.  I personally want to award "Album of the Year" to GFRIEND after looking at all the releases so far in 2018, without looking at the sale amounts



찬란하게 빛나던 시간이었다고 맑은 여름비처럼 고마웠었다고 - "It was a bright, shining moment.  Thanks for being a clear summer rain"


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8 minutes ago, Galaxy1004 said:

We’ll keep the memories of today secretly in our room tonight.  We won’t meet as often now, but we still love you.

This sentence got me emotional :yerin-1::sb2:




Credits to ASquirtle & Hana for sigs! ^^


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thankful for this wonderful era, do well in Japan too GFriend! 


SinB is a sly pepe that's why i love her



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What a wonderful closing. Success for Japan debut. Let's try to grab any possible win next week.

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오랜 시간의 은하수 건너고 건너

Past the long Milky Way Cross and cross

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what a perfect ending to a lovely era. im sad that its already ended, this has to be my favourite era for the girls so far, because not only did i love the song and album but every stage was so beautiful and unique and the fact that the girls all loved the song and could take their music into a new direction was amazing. i wish them all the best for japan next week and i hope someone can update us on anything that happens over there


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So happy, glad & grateful for them. They've worked soo hard for this era. They never disappoint Buddies. We need each other. We're here for each other. We're one like a soulmates. Couldn't be any happier they finished this era safely & healthy (except for the part of Eunha's eye infection). In all, let's always walk on a flowery path for a long time. Take care guys & be safe. We got a long road ahead to go with GFRIEND. They need us every step of their way. 

P/S: Thanks or the translation @Galaxy1004 always love it







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