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[Translation | XSportsNews] [TimeWarp] Falling Incident → Power Innocence → Reversal… Keywords Relating to GFRIEND

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Falling Incident → Power Innocence → Reversal… Keywords Relating to GFRIEND

[XSportsNews Jung Won Reporter]



<Editors Note> Time Warp is a corner of XSports News that shows news from past to present.  From rookies until now, we go back into the time machine to see the stars that we didn't know about in the past.


GFRIEND who’s currently reversing, shall we reverse GFRIEND back?  To congratulate ‘Time for the Moon Night’ topping the charts, let’s reverse back and take a look at GFRIEND’s history!

GFRIEND who debuted in January 2015, was sensational due to their team name.  It meant they are a loving girlfriend for men, and for women, someone who wants to be a good friend of theirs who can open up to everything.  In fact, for the male fans, they were lovely girls and the female fans, they were girls whom they wanted to be friends with.


GFRIEND’s debut title song was ‘Glass Bead’, it reminded people of SNSD’s debut.  It was clean and lovely, but the performance was intense and fancy.  GFRIEND was in the spotlight for being in the ‘Post SNSD’ era


However, it was with their 2nd album title song ‘Me Gustas Tu’ which brought GFRIEND into stardom.  Not only did they show the concept of “Power Innocence”, but especially the ‘Falling Incident’ video which went viral and exploded on internet community sites and SNS, with a down pour of cheering and consolation fro everyone.  Even when I watch the video now, it’s still amazing T_T



In the midst of their new spotlight, ‘Rough’ finally came out in January 2016.  It was a song that showed off the cheerfulness and charms of GFRIEND.  With that song, they were able to become a ‘Mainstream Girl Group’ winning 15 times on music shows.  In particular, the uniform concept that the male fans liked the most caught a lot of eyes.  Building up on that success, their song ‘Navillera’ won 14 times on music shows and solidified them as a Top Girl Group.


Of course, there was a time when they slowed down.  The 4th mini album ‘FINGERTIP’ released in March was a strange and awkward look to fans who were familiar with GFRIEND’s “Power Innocence” image.  


Although it was a meaningful transformation and a good attempt, GFRIEND lost their own colour.  One day, let’s look forward to seeing GFRIEND chic and intense girl crush stage again!


After a bitter taste, GFRIEND returned to their original form with ‘Love Whisper’ in summer.  It was a promotion with their healthy and refreshing charms along with their trademark knife-like choreography.


Recently, they drove their momentum by releasing their 6th mini album which has been highly praised.  The title song ‘Time for the Moon Night’ was quiet after it’s release, but was able to rise on the charts as time went by to top the Korean charts 17 days after its release.  Once again, they’ve set a new record of reversing.  It was a combination of good music and high quality stages creating a great synergy.


Now, GFRIEND will go to Japan.  Their debut album ‘今日から私たちは~ GFRIEND 1st BEST’ will be released on the 23rd.  Let’s wait and see if GFRIEND who is about to make their official debut in Japan, can spread their “Power Innocence” fever throughout Japan



찬란하게 빛나던 시간이었다고 맑은 여름비처럼 고마웠었다고 - "It was a bright, shining moment.  Thanks for being a clear summer rain"


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Queen of reversal

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오랜 시간의 은하수 건너고 건너

Past the long Milky Way Cross and cross

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Gfriend is the group that I'll gonna LVE forever.!! They are Amazing, Defferent, Friendly, Funny and Crazy.!!

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