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Review of GFSquad's Mwave Meet and Greet Group Order (Time for the Moon Night)

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Mwave announced yet another Meet and Greet with our girls! So with that being said, we announced our worldwide group order for <Time for the Moon Night> for Buddies all around the world.



This group order was slightly rushed, with only a little over two weeks to organise. Mwave announced that the Meet and Greet would be broadcasted live on the 15th of May, with sales beginning on the 27th of April. Thankfully Buddies were still able to put in their forms and payments in time! 

Our G.O managers worked extremely hard to gather and encourage Buddies to join our group order. Thank you guys so much!

Here are the G.O managers for this group order:

Australia group orders representatives: @Eunbii (@/_eunbii) with the help of @Galaxy1004 (@/galaxy1004_)

Indonesia group orders representative: @Monica or on her twitter (@/twinkeul)

Singapore group orders representative: @brownpigeon

Malaysia group orders representatives: @adib and @Neshy (@/Yujuneshy971004)

Canada West Coast group orders representative: @Shadownet (@/yunaverse97)

Canada East Coast group orders representative: @AznSeoul 

Europe group orders representative: @BlackRyder (@/Black_Ryder1)

Philippines group orders representative: Chulien Shop PH


Great job everyone! We started off the orders slow with 24 albums ordered securing the Top 3 spot already!


More orders were slowly coming in and we managed to get to 52 albums!



14th May, we were able to take the spot of Top supporter for a while.. 



D-day drew closer and on D-day we were able to accumulate 112 orders in total, unfortunately only taking the Top 2 supporter spot! We really appreciate the support from Buddies!



With the final result, GFSquad were able to take the Top 2 supporter spot for GFRIEND's Mwave Meet and Greet this time! We are extremely thankful to Buddies all around the world who were able to join us in this event! By taking the Top 2 spot we did better than the Parallel Meet and Greet! So congratulations Buddies ^^

GFRIEND's Meet and Greet live broadcast began and we highly anticipated being recognised by the girls again. The Top 5 Supporters announcement by the girls was inevitable and finally it happened! Umji recognised us with ease and Eunha congratulated us!

Thanks to @EthanCoow in providing the short cut clip announcing the Top 5 Supporters for GFSquad Twitter!


Thank you to our cutie Maknae Umji for recognising us again! Thank you for remembering us once again :D
We would like to thank everybuddy who joined our group order to make this moment possible and we would also like to thank the people who cheered us on! All of this would not be possible without the constant support from International Buddies so we are very very grateful to you all ♥

:support:  :gfs-smilie-gfslovesgf:

We will continue these projects in the future to support our girls so please stay tuned! Buddies who give us constant support at GFSquad, thank you all so very much, we will stay as a strong community for a long time.





Let's start fresh, you and me

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