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[Trans] GFRIEND, Full Album Pre-Orders Exceeds 60,000 Copies..As expected of 'GodFriend'

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Source: [XportsNews] GFRIEND, Full Album Pre-Orders Exceeds 60,000 Copies..As expected of 'GodFriend'


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Girlgroup GFriend first full album 'LOL' pre-orders exceed that of 60,000 copies. Thus, once again being true to their title as a trending girlgroup's blazing popularity.


This year, January 2016, they released their third minialbum title song "Rough" was crowned as the number one song for the first half of the year 2016 in terms of Digital sales. Following this, it is threateningly noteworthy that their new album "LOL" could rank high in the Album Charts as well due to the number of pre-orders.


Like this, it is a very exceptional for a girlgroup's growth to exceed 60,000 copies just for pre-orders. Furthermore, in the case of Album sales, it serves as the fandom indicator. It shows how much the fandom has grown and how strong the fandom has become. Likes this we can see the fandom's notable vigor as they left a mark in terms of album sales.


GFriend's first full album 'LOL' contains two meaning signifying two different concepts. One is Laughing out Loud and the other is Lots of Love. The title song is "You and I(Navillera)". Aside from this, the album contains other tracks like: the Intro Song, Fall in Love, LOL, Distance, Water Flower, Mermaid, Sunshine, Compass, Click, Gone With the Wind and the Navillera Instrumental version. All of which are the expression of different feelings the girls have.


Just like their debut song Glass Bead, the hit song Me Gustas Tu and Rough, the three famous songs of "School Series Trilogy", Navillera was also composed by Iggy and Youngbae. Thus serving another new song that containing GFriend's message.


Meanwhile, GFriend is pressing on their comeback this eleventh of July while releasing their first full album LOL with the title song You and I (Navillera) as well as starting a full cyle of promotions.




This graph indicates that 77% of the comments were sent by males while 23% were from females. It is also notable that 73% of these comments were made by users in their 20s and 30s.


Netizen Comments:


+321 -68

They really have grown so much one year and a half since their debut .. they've hit big through good songs and digital sales!


+235 -56

GFRIEND let's hit big!!!


+137 -30

In this album sales distribution of 60 000 .. Gfriend has grown so much TT TT


+163 -41

GFRIEND is coming back!! I have great expectation for this album


+213 -58

GFRIEND First Full Album hope it hit big!!


+144 -38

Trustworthy GFRIEND~♡ I want next week to come faster~*


+111 -27

I'm so excited for this comeback..Fighting!!


+99 -23

Let's hit big again this time GFRIEND!!


+87 -19

It has meaningful composition

Yesterday I've pre-ordered

I wanna get it immediately ~!


+66 -12

I'm thinking of buying it when the album came out hehe I should buy it for real


+60 -10

Eunha is very very pretty~~~~


+80 -17

Trustworthy girls I'm excited for July 11th


+68 -13

Possible girlgroup recognition. Even if the agency is small they still succeed. More activities more to sell

I should pre-order on Synnara this weekend as well.


+53 -8

I will always cheer on GFRIEND ♥


+75 -16

Even without selling 60 000 albums, compared to before, Gfriend has progressed so greatly!! I'm overwhelmed with emotions~~



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This makes me so happy :D

Gods only



♡ rest in peace ♡

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So excited!!!



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I am so excited for this comeback. Just purchase my pre-order.


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Godjachingu! ^_^


~Welcome to the Neverland~

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