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Hello buddies 

I wrote his thread on twitter before but i didnt finish it because i couldnt enter my account again .

I have seen also lot of buddies doing many threads about the comeback , so i want to try and i will put what other buddies found .

also if you see else anythings or you want to add something just say it .

I dont want to sound stupid but i want to try .

I was so bored waiting Gfriend comeback and i thought in alot of things that came together about gfriend comeback and i hope at least some of it is true . Buddies if this make any sense tell me .


from begin so we can connect all this together

1st of all remember when Gfriend said this >> this comeback will be totally different from their previous , in one of their interviews .


2nd : from nowhere they show up with different hair colors in airport because there was no reason/schedule they would do this for it . and we dont know if this their new hair style or not because they just change the hair color and hair style is still the same .



we all know that Soumu will never do somethings like this without a reason they cant change their hair style for japan debut because we see behind the scenes of the MGT Japanese mv they have their MGT Kor ver hair color . so this sudden change must be for the comeback







and soumu cant hide their hair color this time with wigs like what happen in fingertip , this time the event that gfriend is going to is not in korea or closed event , they are going to japan not just attending one event but also they will have another event and appearance in tv too ,, this why they cant go and performance with wigs .


3rd :@lazy.sentimental

we know she always give us hints about gfriend comeback specially places where they film the mvs .

she upload photo on instagram & put this date (2018.3.23) its was about 5 days away when we see gfriend with their new hair in airport (2018.3.28) & 5 days is enough to film the mv , right !!


and she wrote 2 hashtages with this the pic in korean and its mean after i translate it was #Twinkle #Chandelier . those words maybe relate to gfriend new #album #song names . we dont know let us see it like that .

she also opload this photo and when one og the buddies comment "gfriend comeback" she blocked she/he .

she wrote #everland this might be place or its also can be where gfriend going to film the mv because it was in 2018.01.21 ? so what you think ?!


and lets us go back to these posts of her on instagram last year 2017.05.05 , we thought this might be gfriend new comeback after fingertip and its going to be doll like concept but we were wrong and we get love whisper , then summer rain which totally different from fingertip concept .

this dolls look just like Sinb and Yuju knew hair color and even Sinb bangs ?!!

so we might have continue of fingertip concept and we can get to understand the mv thread , right ! 

why i go back to this photos ?! remember when Sowon said we heard fingertip after glass bead .

maybe Fingertip also has Trilogy .

all the date she wrote under those old photos might be the time of gfriend comeback . 


4th : Yes24 upload somethings about gfriend comeback showcase its in 30th of this month before they deleted it and if its  true this mean gfriend already done from recording songs , film mvs , jacket shooting, choreography and music show dates , all those things wait for soumu announcement  >>

yesterday one of the gfriend artist/stylist  wrote "gfriend comeback soon" under Reebok post in her insta account but as soon she deleted it .

*here twitter link

i think she had been told to delete that post .

5th : gfriend hints

we believe that gfriend give us some hints about the comeback but we cant told where and when, because everything they do maybe hint . but remember when sowon know that we believe the comeback or the song about kisses , also we have that cat pose , and the real hints are yuju "life is a party" and sowon "summer rain" and no one think about it as hints . 

5th : GFRIEND concept

this time gfriend concept will be different & like how they said it will be more different than the way we imagine the concept will be. so here my opinion about the concept & its includes all the things that gfriend had never try in their previous comeback .

there is alot of buddies threads and here some of them that

this one 

and this one 


about the concept as they said they want to show us different and knew vibe of gfriend than we know .
and i think they mean
knew concept , clothes , hair style/color , makeup , another level of their power dance and maybe new music producer*
generally the changes might be just in the concept and clothes
concept Royal , Boyish or again Girl crush concept .
clothes i think this time we will have pants , suits , hip hop or sporty clothes .
music : full rap part of gfriend rapper :D 
are we gonna see Gfriend music in paralle world ?!! how ?
lets believe we will have gfriend comeback at the end of this April and in same time they are going to debut in japan this may .
does Gfriend paralle world gonna happen but in two different places ?!!
its mean they will give us new world that is different from all of the previous one .
but they will stay do them (MGT,Rough,GB,.....) in japan , and new comeback in Korea >> so we can see gfriend different type of music in same time .
Gfriend April schedule is kinda empty >> sinb Weekly idol , photoshoots , japan kcon .
again one gfriend stylist comment under gfriend Reebok Dazed April photo " GFRIEND Comeback soon "
yet we have Dazed May Issue which is also for Reebok will come out in may , i dont know why but these Reebok photoshoots for Dazed has connection to gfriend comeback or support to it .
Gfriend will attend Dream concert in may which lot of those groups who will attend too have made comebacks this year , just gfriend because i dont know about other didnt make any comeback this year .
cause last year gfriend had comeback but they didnt attend Dream concert even if they had schedule they will forget it and they go to dream concert .
Last : - since gfriend will attend kcon japan this year and its on 14th April + Yes24 gfriend showcase in 30th April ,, i think Soumu will start releasing the Photos , MV teaser and other details relate to the album start after gfriend comeback from japan .
Just hope they will comeback this april.
Sorry for my long long thread and my bad language 
does it make any sense ?!!
i hope you all understand it and if you have any opinion write it
Thanks buddies 

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Wuooooh so much hint. Thank you for compile all of this. It gets me really excited. i've got hunch before because to make Japan debut at 23rd of May is still too far since they announce the issue at January (or February?? i forget). Why? i keep asking myself then since they only recycle the song with another language, at least they can debut in April (they don't have problem with choreography since they keep rehearsal it for concert). and then some site Tweet Gfriend will be one of group will comeback at spring (later we know it is not confirmed yet). I thought, well it is only misinformation, but the hunch never disappear.. Out of nowhere i see your 4th hint (from yes24), my heart skip a beat (later they delete it) and Soumu still silent, i can't confirm a thing but i till any Soumu announcement come, my hunch not disappear, yet.:gfriend:



오랜 시간의 은하수 건너고 건너

Past the long Milky Way Cross and cross

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thank you for this file up clues..Im so exited for the comeback.


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making up my mind if i will go to the dream concert or not TT~~~


tenor.gif?itemid=6127238 tenor.gif?itemid=6163096

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I found this awhile ago. It's a short gif that shows Umji with (maybe) short hair and extensions. 

Either that, or she cut layers. Maybe this is another hair change for their comeback? Short hair can be hidden easily, and it seems odd to me why they would change the hairstyles so drastically of three members, but leave the other three's alone. I think Umji has shorter hair, and Eunha maybe isn't going to be wearing her fringe often (notice how she has it swept to the sides in a lot of recent instagram pictures), and Yerin won't have any changes. (Yerin's hair has been changed somewhat recently, though. She cut it a little shorter, though that's probably for her hair's health more than anything). 

Also, I have an odd hunch that they'll have a royal-like concept. Although that's mostly from their concert teaser and stage outfits. I would realllly like it if they did something like that, but I like almost all of Gfriend's releases, so I'll probably like the next one~



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