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[Trans|OSEN]"Comeback" GFRIEND Goes RETRO "Refreshing Analog"

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Source:"Comeback" GFRIEND Goes RETRO "Refreshing Analog"


[OSEN Reporter Seon Mikyung] Girlgroup GFRIEND transformed into Retro girls this time in their comeback Teaser.

GFRIEND's official SNS and Youtube Channel released messages like #GFRIEND #1stAlbum #LOL #YouAndI #NAVILLERA #ComebackTrailer #20160711 together with the official trailer video.

The trailer video shows GFRIEND completely transforming into refreshing and lively 'Retro Girls" giving off vibes that brings us back to the days when we like girls with thick wavy hairstyles with hairpins while they are wearing white socks that completely cover the ankles.

On the first part, the scenes stimulate analogue emotions (TN: old-school vibes) as the members posed together for picture taking while toys, radio, trophies and rollerskates surrounded them. Also, GFRIEND members wear rollerskates and played together with refreshing looks and bright smiles on their faces.

This is only the trailer video for their first full album 'LOL's' introduction, this gave rise to much curiosity and questions about the whole album since the leaked part was very short. And you can also hear "Navillera" being repeated a lot of times. "Navillera" is a word/phrase used by Cho Chihun on his poem "Seungmoo."

One year and six months since debut GFRIEND comebacks for the third time this with their very first album "L.O.L." containing two different concepts namely, "Laughing out Loud" and "Lots of Love."

Image from: Source Music


The graph shows that 63% of the comments came from males and 37% came from females. Also, most of the comments were given by users in their 30's and 20's. 
Netizen Comments:

+497 -95
I'm so excited for GFRIEND~ hehe

+381 -66
Navillera? A poetic expression TTT waiting

+324 -55
I'm anticipating Navillera so much
Trustworthy GFRIEND  Nanana Navillera~!!

+349 -66
I wanna listen to it already
It's hard waiting 'till July 11

+299 -56
It's just the trailer but it's already amazing!!

+168 -16
Eunha looks younger with bob cut.
The members having different colors, I like it

+167 -18
I'm watching the teaser hundreds of time until July 11 How can we wait this long

+165 -18
Eunha's bob cut seems to be a god sent to them

+162 -18
Yerin is always pretty ♥ GFRIEND Fighting!!

+153 -15
Already reserved the two versions .. waiting 'till 11th is such a cruel thing

+188 -27
Navillera .. such a pretty word ..just like GFRIEND

+179 -24
Full Album Singer GFRIEND♥♥♥♥♥♥I wish you good success, don't get hurt and be healthy on this promotion period

+165 -20
I already feel it by just hearing the teaser~~

+147 -14
Oh alas it's the much awaited comeback

+152 -17
Oh my~ This's so good♥♥♥

+142 -14
GFRIEND let's walk only on flowery path~~

+138 -13
I saw last night's teaser from a screenshot and wow it came out well

+140 -14
Wah~ So GFRIEND is having a comeback I believe in them

+138 -14
The intro itself sounds like a sign of being a huge hit TT all of them are overflowing with visuals!!!

+155 -20
GFRIEND is coming back~ they'll get their 4th homerun!


Article & Comments Translated by: Pop Master



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It's nice to see netz liking the title name!


+167 -18
I'm watching the teaser hundreds of time until July 11 How can we wait this long



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