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fancafe letter
[151207] Sowon's Fancafe Letter

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Translation :


Hello~ Sowon here~~
Today is special day right?
it is Sowon Birthday!! BARABAM~~
Actually, until now i never think my birthday as big celebration or have big meaning for me
it's more like my mom day rather than my day?
But today is a day where i feel a happiness i can't feel before!
First birthday since debut, everywhere i go, fans said happy birthday to me...
Warm one word, letter, gift that send to me, not leaving a thing i feel all your sincerity
I think i'm really a happy person !
I promise, i'll read every letter you write in cafe!!!
Everyone, and i wish today are a happy day with me!!
You'll be here for my 22nd birthday, right??
For likes, trust, and adore me as person, thank you so much
I'll become Sowon who'll not dissapointing everywhere i go!!
Today is the best day!! Once again thank you so much! Love you beyond what you can see!!!
I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!! BYE!!!!!!! 


Translated by : jieblack91



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