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[Translation | Kstyle] "Extremely popular KPOP Group GFRIEND has their Japan Debut date decided to be May 2018!"

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Extremely popular KPOP Group GFRIEND has their Japan Debut date decided to be May 2018!




GFRIEND is a 6-member girl group from South Korea, GFRIEND (Read as: GFRIEND , Korean Name: Yeojachingu, Company: Source Music) It has been announced that GFRIEND is going to debut in Japan in May this year.

GFRIEND debuted in South Korea in 2015 with, 
Girlfriend that loves their buddy. They want to be a close friend where they have nothing to hide. Through their 'good friends' concept music they would like to be with everyone.Trying to include these concepts or meanings. They have an affinity for intimate characteristics as their concept is *powerful youth* it means that their charisma comes from their innocent appearance and their powerful dance.

In the Korean entertainment industry where success is often found only through big companies, there are very few examples of success stemming from a smaller label. As such, this is often sympathised by fans, calling it a [story of miracles]. During 2016, they won 24 times on Korean music programs, marking them as one of the most successful girl groups and rewriting history.  

Since their debut, their mini album sales have increased by around 200 times in the first year. Their first concert held in January this year was also sold out in the first 3 minutes. Their SNS following since the release of their Japanese teaser on their official Instagram shows their overwhelming popularity as they reach 120,000 in the first day.

With regards to their debut, the members commented:  [GFRIEND will finally debut in Japan in May 2018! We will do our best to deliver our music to everyone and so we hope you will support us from this moment onward!] Please take note of GFRIEND’s activities in the future after a successful Japanese debut.

ソウォン (SOWON)


Everyone, the time you’ve all been waiting for is here. We want to make it possible to be together with everyone in Japan. I am really looking forward to it. I’ll try hard get in good form for our fan meet.

イェリン (Yerin)


Hello! I’m GFRIEND’s Yerin. Our Japanese debut is coming soon but until then please look forward to the event! I will do my best to meet that expectation so please expect it!

ウナ (Eunha)


Hey everyone~~~! We GFRIEND will meet your expectations during the fan meet so please wait for it!

ユジュ (Yuju)


I am GFRIEND’s Yuju. Finally our Japanese debut has come! I am feeling excited and putting my utmost effort in the debut so please have lots of anticipation. I want to make good memories with everyone as soon as possible.

シンビ (SinB)


GFRIEND is having their Japanese debut! I am really looking forward to our Japanese debut. The debut is almost here, please wait a bit more.

オムジ (Umji)


What will GFRIEND look like in Japan!? Are you guys excited for our debut? I am trying my hardest so please look out for me.



Let's start fresh, you and me

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