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[180116] Review of GFRIEND 3rd Debut Anniversary Video 'Our Relationship That Will Last Forever' by

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It’s been 3 years that we are together with GFriend. To commemorate the most important and meaningful day, is back to gave a beautiful presentation to everyone.  First, let’s watch the 3rd Anniversary video. We hope Buddies will like it!



3 years of hard work, friendship and amazing journey. This video represents the very memorable scenes of moments being together with Buddies. As continuation from the 2nd Anniversary, which almost best and beautiful scenes are summarized, now this is a new chapter which focused on their beautiful relationship. This is a review that will show the details of each stories.



The Intro represents like a movie trailer. An action trailer where all of GFriend’s best stages are included and compiled. Those scenes were the most amazing and beautiful. These stages came from different shows such as major awards in Korea, Concert festivals and Showcases.

Beautiful stages that made Buddies even more proud when watching their amazing and mind blowing performance. We definitely loved it!





The Beautiful Eras : Season Of GFRIEND

The beautiful eras represents each seasons of GFriend.  6 seasons of music videos including Glass Bead, Me Gustas Tu, Rough, Navillera, Fingertip, Love Whisper and Summer Rain. Each part contains the most beautiful scenes where it shows strong bond of friendship and being together for a long time.


Since these scenes summarizes all moments in the field of working as an artists. It is a representation of a story and concepts within just the music videos.



The Youthful Climax : The Real Colors Of GFRIEND

The climax part represents the real themselves. Revealing their personalities, relationship, bond and friendship. It is more focused in behind the scenes. Showing their youthful moments not just as group, but also as a family. Every people who will watch it, will definitely more in loved with GFRIEND :)

Another fact. Yuju recommended a song for the members to listen is Troye Sivan's, 'Youth' song that was discussed during radio broadcast. The song and Its lyrics is definitely great and related to them.

You can read the lyrics of 'Youth' by Troye Sivan here



They are like young kids who likes to play always. They are full of innocence and very energetic.



Trying new things. Experiencing extreme adventures. They are brave enough to show they are strong kids.




On the last part, a transition of last stage from their first ever concert into predebut days..
It’s time to reminisce everything back from the start. Special memories are captured like the format of VHS tape.




Let’s Reminisce: Memorable Pre-debut days

Rain In The Spring Time as the background song (piano cover version). To give emotional feels that will touch everyone heart, It’s the sequences from their past days. Training, Pre-debut even the most memorable days such as anniversaries, celebrations into the present day.




The Ending: Our Successful Journey

The climax chorus part represents the glory days of their journey. As the part of the song says “Will you be with me forever?” together with the voice announcing them as the ‘Best Girl Group’ (GFriend’s award during 2018 Golden Disk Award), it indicates their success being together as a group with Buddies.


In 3 years, many challenges came through. Their journey has been very successful. As a fan who will  always stay for them,  let’s be together and keep supporting them in our way we can. Let’s keep our relationship with GFRIEND forever, Buddy.



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The GFRIEND 3rd Debut Anniversary video was a joy to watch. There's a lot going on, a lot of thought involved in the process. It's truly like a movie production.

:gfs-smilie-thankyou: :gfs-smilie-daebak: :gfs-smilie-goodjob:


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